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Default Delathan and Vexed Revived

Glad to see the Erollisi Marr community is still alive and thriving. After a near half-decade of destroying every other MMO on the planet, I convinced Vexed that it was time to return for some nostalgia. Suffice it to say we're hooked again -- nothing can beat bringing back memories of friends and good times.

For any of you who knew either of us, let us know you're alive and still kicking. I'm sure we also have at least a few of you that raided with me in Primal Evolution in Luclin/PoP, or with Vexed and I in Destiny of Marr.

Hope life is treating you all well!

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Heya Del and Vexed. Welcome back. Miasma (hubby) says hi as well.
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