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Default The post I never saw coming *LONG*

Hey EMarr,

As most/all of you know I was banned for the use of **********. This wasn't exactly the way I planned on retiring...but then again, if it hadn't happened I probably wouldn't have retired until they shut the servers down completely.

I have decided to start back into college and work on an electrical engineering degree, and possibly take some type of dance class(yes, I'm aware that dance classes sound really homo...but it'd be more for the coordination aspect of it than anything else.) I am already chewing up a good portion of my old EQ time with my new lady friend, working out, and physical therapy. I have cerebral palsy, and though it is very mild , I have recently started therapy and my therapist is making me work out too. I went from 175lbs when I first started EQ, soared up to 235lbs over the course of five years, and am now slowly whittling that away...down to 200lbs now.

When I first started playing EQ, it was because of my roommate. See, he was always playing "that stupid game" when friends would come over and want to go out street racing or drinking or whatever. I made fun of him for about 2 years(he played since beta...Derahh was his first main) because he spent so much time playing it. Then I decided to get a computer for work, and he bought me the game and told me to try it for one month to see if I liked it.

That was the start of my long journey through Norrath. Kogur was my first and, other than level 15-20 twinks, only character. I almost exclusively played with my roomie until around level 15-20 when I came across the two people that I personally believe are a HUGE part of what got me so addicted so fast to EverQuest. Fori and Chyranecia of Eve of Trucidation.

Eve of Trucidation was the pinnacle of what I feel EQ was all about...close family like ties where everyone was friends with everyone and it was much more about the people than the game. Dastar was the leader of that first guild.

At around level 40ish a ranger buddy of mine, Sighter, got me into a level 50 required guild...Domination. this was my first experience with a raiding guild. We raided plane of fear, Karnor's Castle(not for Venril Sathir though...we weren't THAT badass!), and a few other places. Then we were raiding in Plane of Hate and Phoenix Crusaders were there too(omgz zones that can handle 2 raid forces!?). There was lots of joking and laughing and so much general good times between the guilds on that first raid that we decided to schedule another together.
That's when over 70 Domination members and Phoenix Crusaders got our asses royally handed to us by Cazic Thule. Afterwards we ended up merging guids with Kanly as the leader and Sighter as his right hand man. Well, after a long hard fought battle of trying to keep Phoenix Crusaders alive (god bless Lukaria and Celibate) I decided the guild had fallen too far and it was time to press on. It was hard because I aquired my epic with these guys.

My next guild would come some time later in the form of A Twist of Fate (yes, that's the one with the crazy woman Tormentcia leading it). In this guild I met two kickass shadowknights that made me change my tune about SKs forever...Maeel and Zenoboinkr. We built that guild up so hard and fast...We went from farming kunark dragons to actually raiding in North Temple of Veeshan(yes, our first NToV raid was when Aarynor was down...sue us!) all the way up to clearing out Ssra named(and gettin our butts kicked to mobs like the Cursed).

After being basically forced out of AToF for "stealing guild targets" (running pickup raids on year old content), I was searching for a home...and my next decision was dumb, but I don't regret it. I applied for Affliction, but I wanted to bring my RL best friend along with me. However since he was a necro and they were full on necros they said no. I figured that after I became full member I'd have more pull in the guild and could swing him a chance at probieship afterward. I went through a month of probieship and another month as a full member ...making tons of friends in Affliction. I befriended nearly the entire guild; however, that wasn't enough to get them to bend the rules on the issue with my best friend. Since I felt(and still do) that friends and family should come before the game, and he couldn't get in, I decided to take my leave of Affliction. I remember I was sitting in Plane of Mischief with 2 Affy necros(jesus I cannot remember their names, one female starting with a K and the other male starting with a Z) when I made the announcement I was leaving. There seemed to be sadness but no real hard feelings.

Right after my two months in Affliction, I decided to try for a guild that was up and coming...and since I worked nights and they were a Euro guild it worked out perfectly. That's when I applied to Divine Grace. I didn't fit in well with Divine Grace I don't think...They had quite a different mind set than I did. I deguilded from them after someone sent an E-mail to Aarial quoting what I had said on her application thread. It wasn't very nice of me to say, but it was honesty (I still <3 ya now days though hun) was also supposed to be confidential. After that I was pretty much walking on egg shells with the leadership when they invited me back in. My sister had access to my character and was a member of AToF, and since they were considered competition at the time, the leadership requested I change my PW and deny my RL sister access to my toon. I refused, and they kicked me out...I have a feeling the leadership wanted me out long before then. I got my Vex Thal key out of it and made several new friends along the way though!

I was guildless for a long time after that because I worked nights and screwy hours...however, I was booming with late night pickup raids. I was tearing up Ssra, kicking King Tormax in the knees, and ripping through NToV like it was going out of style(which sadly, it was). I ran quite a few Vex Thal pickups(something a whole lotta folks said couldn't be done). Then Shadowbud approached me about becoming an officer in a late night guild run by Hukis.

That was the beginning of Cruentus...EMarr exclusive late night US based guild. We started farming Ssra and working toward Vex Thal(jesus shard farming with AToF, Affy, DG, AND Cruentus...I was a glutton for punishment lol). Around the same time Hukis went off the deep end and became a total ass to the server(and even ignoring me after we had become friends), he decided he couldn't handle running the guild and passed the reigns to me. That's when we really started climbing. My officers and I started recruiting like mademen, getting all the late nighters to join us. We eventually did get enough people to make our way into Vex Thal.

While it was pickup raids run by Cruentus and not full on guild raids, our numbers were climbing and our performance was amazing. The one thing that held us back was my lack of a decision on how to handle loot. It was officer decision, and a lot of bad decisions were made. Despite that, we were still kicking asses and taking names...then the bomb hit us. My work switched my hours and put me on a dayshift, so I couldn't raid late hours anymore. I transferred leadership over, and slowly but surely the guild faded out.

Since I was on dayshift now, and my sister was in Magister already, I figured I'd make a go at the big time...Try the oober life. I signed up and began my trial with Magister right when gates of discord was released. I end up getting many GoD flags out of my trial period, but I never made it in. They(mostly Frostbitch and slave Wexx(good guy, when she's not around)) didn't feel I was up to par to handle tanking for Magister. I didn't know enough about the game and couldn't hold aggro(of course it had NOTHING to do with my subpar weapons and ass gear). I personally felt, still do too, that Frostbitch had a vendetta against me for the way I left Affliction. Although, I must admit, I made a lot of friends during my Magister stint...there's quite a bit of good peoples and kickass skills, with a few assholes sprinkled in that guild.

continued below...
Kogurr Kindsoull
40 Drakken Warrior
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After being kicked out of Magister during probieship and doing quite a bit if research/guild shopping I came upon what would end up being my final resting spot. The guild that I called my home in Norrath. The place where I had the most fond memories, and the most suprising respect for leadership. When I first joined Sanctuary of Marr it was so that I would have a place where my family, my stepmom, dad, sister, brother in law, and my RL best friend, could all be and play together. You see, I didn't really like the leader of SoM at the time...I thought if Tevaran as a snotty little know it all, who wasn't shit compared to me. The reason I thought that though, was because when I was leading Cruentus and raiding Vex Thal...I would constantly hear rumors about him talking shit about "my guild". After getting to know Tev, and the respect I have for the man now, I highly doubt he would ever conduct himself in that manner(even if he does get a little whiny, and sometimes even hotheaded!!).

When we joined the guild they(they were they at the time, cuz I was still unsure about them) were having huge troubles beating Bertoxx. We eventually did get Bertoxx dead, and started farming our way to the Elementals. We were unable to defeat Rallos Zek before OoW came out like we wanted to...not because we couldn't, it was just a matter of timing. I was with Sanctuary of Marr from the time it was barely killing tier 2-3 PoP gods over a year ago to now where they are the brink of entering Plane of Time and already farming post-Time encounters. The only reason SoM is not in Time now is because of man-power issues...there's no lack of skill there. It was frustrating to not have the people we needed to get shit done, but it looks like they have what they need now. One of my many regrets is I'm going to miss all of you guys receiving your Time keys when you set fire to the Tiki Men. You all have earned it for sure.

Sanctuary of Marr, you all have one of the finest crews around. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The warrior team(that'd be you guys: Kromm, Ooggrok, Medbear, Siranah, Dester(in spirit!), and even you Smot!) especially! Tev yer a great leader, just stop whining and listen to your guildies....remember just because the odds are against you doesn't mean you can't do it. It just means it'll be that much more fun when you DO!

Siranah, you are the best officer anyone could wish to have respresent them. /hugs hun (Don't kill me for that Wonko.../hugs to you too bro)

There are WAAAAAAAAAY too many people that I know and will miss to list, so rather than make a huge list and get bitched at for leaving out 50 people...I'm going to end this here with the following:

This is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end. It is, instead, the end of the beginning of my life.
Kogurr Kindsoull
40 Drakken Warrior
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Edited out...just want to say /wave Phalnor (if you ever see this bro), Ziknafian, Rayge, and Flickering(/hug /hug /hug /hug /hug /hug /hug /hug).

I know, I know, I said no special goodbyes. I'm sorry but I just couldn't not put them up there.
Kogurr Kindsoull
40 Drakken Warrior
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Hey Kog,
Regardless of what anyone says, your a damn good person and i will always have the highest amount of respect with you. I hope your RL goes smoothly, with your degree, and your mild condition .. Even though i only knew you for a short time, you were an awesome warrior, and still are an awesome person... And you couldnt be more correct about the whole SoM squad, they absolutely rock... Well - i dont wanna jack your thread.. but GL in life man, i'll keep in touch..
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Ok rather then be pissy with you for not being special enough to get a special goodbye (wait I just did but you know me I had to do it)

Love you Aaron if you EVER need anything PLEASE call <3's

Exarch Mina Foxfire
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Well I'm sad to see a person like you leave us, Kogur, but I am glad that I did get to know you a little doing Qvic and whatnot with you. I had fun and I really wish that you didn't have to leave like this (with the ban and whatnot).. but shit happens, I guess.

I'll miss you.. I gave you my AIM name.. you better keep in touch, sir.
Nikaila Quisalas
Cleric n' stuff

Got Sig?
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Good luck with school and those dance classes! I can't tell you how sad I was when I found out that you would no longer be playing this game. When I first met you, I thought you were some hotshot warrior who thought he was too good for SoM. Well, I was right.... But I think you found in SoM what many have, and that's a family. I've learned a lot from you over the past year or so. Now who is going to answer all of my stupid questions?

Keep in touch, you know my email addy!

Siranah, Vah Shir Warrior
<Reviction> - Retired
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Interesting read Phatty. I still love you to and all the fun we had together over the years. You'll always have a special place on my friends list as being one of the fun people I met over the years. Give Derahh a big hug for me as well

You got my AIM name fatty just shoot me a tell.

Tork said to tell you to take it easy man and have lots of fun with real life

Hugs, kisses, and lots of love,


P.S. School is a good thing hon, dont let anyone tell you otherwise. I'm starting my Doctorate in Sept. Already got the Master's Degree!

High Priestess Aprell

Exemplar of Karana
Retired cause I'm playing WOW!
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You be safe phattie.. sorry to see you go.

Tevaran Trueheart
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Muchos Love to my favorite Ogre Warrior.

I adore you hun, you're a great person with a kind heart and wonderful soul. Good Luck on everything you do!

IM me on AIM at Cerebral Tragedy
or Yahoo at chrissgoddess

Mistress Tamyre Elghinn
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Take care Kogur, RL is the biggest adventure of all Hope everything goes well for you!

Sir Caeelar Grailchaser
105th Holy Defender of Tunare
Officer of Resolution of Erollisi Marr
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i don't know if you remember this, but i think about it everytime i rez your daddy. (how madi got her epic) you have to have the nicest parents in the world, everytime your dad comes to a raid he always sends me a tell & says he's glad to see me. so, it's obvious wonderful people would raise a wonderful person like you are.

i know that there is a lot going on in your family right now & i want you to know, that i'm sending well wishes, DI & cha buffs for you in your real life raiding situation. you will be sorely missed koggy.
Princess Madisyn Divine <Reviction>
live fast, die young & leave a cute corpse
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Phatty! It was always so much fun to be around you, you always always put a smile on my face.

Life is full of good and bad choices, try not to sweat the bad choices, big or small, as so many others have said -- its live and learn.

Good luck with everything and i hope you get all that you want out of life.


65 Coercer of Emarr (retired)
33 Warden of Everfrost (EQ2)
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OMG Flick!!! (hugs)


High Priestess Aprell

Exemplar of Karana
Retired cause I'm playing WOW!
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Be safe Kog.

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Deliamber EQ
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Enjoyed those late pick up raids that werent really pickup. Thanks for all the good times.
Deliamber - Ascendence - Retired

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Bye Kogur, was fun doing all the countless pick up raids with ya.
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/wave Take it easy bro! It was a blast while it lasted. Enjoy life.

Your friend,

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Phatty, I will always remember your help in my obtaining of Ragebringer. That's how I meet you also. Ahh good times...You hounding me to kill Dain...Late night raids. Good stuff.

Take care hun. Keep in touch. Good luck with school. =)
Marauder Lolanae Soie'Couteau
Silly Lady Art
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Koger, I donít know if you remember me, but I was a member of Cruentus. You gave us late night EST time zone folks a chance to raid and have a great time and the ability to see some high end content (high end to me). Sorry the reply is late; I donít get around to reading the forums much anymore.

I always enjoyed those long raids in VT, ha-ha, I still laugh when I think back about Shotty and his boxed Cleric falling asleep during raids (I hope Shotty is doing well).

Well, Good luck in RL, I hope you find what you are looking for, but I have to admit, you will miss your days in Norath.
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Ughe Ogahdot
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Will miss ya much phatty.

But more than that, I hope RL treats you well. Keep being you, one of the best friends I've had over the years man.

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Default Hey

Been playing wow lately so haven't checked these boards in a while..heheh got caught hacking eh?
Ah well, you were always fun to play with/chat with over the years Phatty, I wish you well, and say hi to your sister for me =)

65 Ogre War
Magister (retired)
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Default hey

take it easy Kog

heya Froog!!!

Mistress Nadaiia BeNoodles
Doodad of Whit's End~ Oo oi!

"Smile and make the world wonder what you are smiling about"
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Hey Kogur! Welcome to the retired list. Of course, it doesn't mean you have to stop posting. I remember you in Affliction back in the day. I knew the Necromancers in that guild. I used to hunt with them back before Kunark was released, as my first character (Jaileint).

I think you joined us on a few raids with Caelistis Ignis, and I also participated on a lot of your pickup raids as my last character, the cleric Avry.

I've been retired from EQ for about 2 years now, but still remember the good times and all the laughs. I've forgotten the bad times, the time sinks, and stuff.
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and another one bites the dust =/ lol i think in the past 5 mins ive posted on like 6 retirements posts ... friends lsit is getting shorter and shorter if i do log back on =/

i hope everything works out for you, good luck with school, looks like thats what ill be doing soon *I hope* hehe

take it easy, oh and Ript's ToV raids with u and Co was sooo much fun back in the day :0



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