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Default <wave>

Just a thank you to the folks of Erollisi Marr for making our return to EQ rewarding and fun.

My better half, Gwynnie, and I have come back to EQ after quite a break (she less than me). We've moved from the European server, rerolled our favourite characters and are loving the community feel and the sense of adventure. We landed here because Erollisi Marr was the first server on which she could get an approximation of her name, later changed by a GM to the name she wanted.

I spent a couple of years in EQ2 and Vanguard, but this has been coming home.

If any one is looking for low level groups for their alts, feel free to shoot us a mail or a tell if we're on. We're both late 20s atm (with a range of lower others) and play when we can (fanatical cleric raiding [her] and leading RP/family guilds [me] are behind us now so definitely in the more casual camp ).

Thank you again.


Keredh Windryder
Ranger of Tunare, 29 Winters
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Welcome to the server.
*Conqueror* Zartwar Cantank
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Welcome back!
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Erollisi Marr server
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