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Greldon Silverhan
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Default <TCR> VT/soltower guild on KB recruiting xfers

We're a euro based guild on Kane Bayle server, on the last push towards elemental planes, missing only rallos zek for it. We raid everyday, and we have a blast doing it. We are the only guild that clears vex thal, and we farm it uncontested weekly, aswell as luclin/POP mobs. Due to the extremely low population on kane bayle, we are forced to base most of our recruitment on server xfers. Tired of racing 3 other guilds for the same mob? Fed up with overcrowding? Maybe you could consider moving to KB.

Kane bayle is very underpopulated, hence there is much to do for those who play here. We are currently considering players of any class, and actively seeking clerics, a warrior, 2-3 wizards, and 2-3 shamans. VT key is a bonus, and the more flags/aa you have the better.

For those who might be interested, our website is at and my email is - Feel free to email me or throw a tell to kane.greldon for more info. If your application is accepted, we will make a solid effort to gear you back up.

For those who are NOT interested, my apologies for this post. It is not meant to spam your (and other boards) forums with useless info, but rather to give an opportunity to someone who might take advantage from it.
Greldon Silverhand
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Kane Bayle
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Undarr Ground
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Erollisi Marr forever!
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VT key is a bonus
Not that I am thinking of Xfering, but would not your VT and other keys be lost on server XFer, or do they stick arround not since they key ring introduction?
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Old 04-03-2003, 03:42 AM   #4
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Keys used are soulbound with /key, so if you transfer you keep all your access to the zones where you used keys. But you lose the physic keys.
Same thing with flaggs you keep them if you transfer.
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If you transfer you can petition to have your keys reimbursed by a GM incase there is ever a keyring wipe... which has happened.
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In case someone is interested to do a movelog, some infos from my expierences on KB (played half a year there):

Very nice place to raid.

1 US time based guild in elemental planes that is as "desperate" as TCR to get new people (they doing the same recruitment postings on boards atm).
2 eurotime guilds, 1 doing most of SSRA the other TCR.

Rest are smaller guilds.

Relations between those guilds were bad (training each other, moving over corpses to kill bosses, blowing spawns and cockblocking).
Might have changed for the better due to working on different tiers raidingwise now, but don t think so hehe.

You should have some skills at playing your class, cause due to low numbers raidforces are kinda small and you have to pull your weight.

One of the biggest problems the server had (and when i look on other msgboards still has) is the connection.

Many servercrashs (was at least 1 daily for me).
Some raidzones crash several times a day (bazaar hehe, vt, elemental fireplane are on a cluster that has this problem), so raiding vt is atm kinda a waste of time cause you ll only with MUCH luck being able to reach AHR.

(Sony is aware of this problem, so there might be hope it change for the better, but atm it s bad).

Lag wasn t really an issue, many ameircans had better pling than the euros (KB is a server that is atm located in Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Can t comment on how hard it is atm to get exp groups, but getting some form of camp won t be a problem on KB.

About TCR: Lots of nice people in there (they love gnomes!) and they have taken in several servertransfers. If you want to raid and aren t a total a.. you ll have a good chance to grow into the guild. Loot is allocated but with the low competition it shouldn t take long to get reequiped.
Most members are euros/americans.

Greetings Brolix
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