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Default Open PRE-ELEMENTAL Raid Sat 3 PM EST

Going to try and do an open raid on some pre-elemental mobs at 3PM EST. It will be based on what is or is not up at the time. Join Channels Emarropen any time from 2PM to 3 PM EST if your interested. Any and all loot will be randomed 1000 with drops going to highest roller.

Primary Targets will be along the HOH/LMM line of mobs which include the following mobs:

AD - POV (Hardest part of this event is getting there), Assign some enchanters, pallys to kite the mobs that spawn and burn down the Dragon.

3 HOH Trials
* Villagers - Two-Three offtanks assigned, pull mobs to the raid and kill. Very easy raid can be done with as few as 6 people.
* Virgins - Assign 2 kiters to kite the first two rooms with a backup in middle in case of death, one puller to pull the mobs to the raid. Will designate three offtanks here as well.
* Ry Dar - Dragon spawns and burn him down, buff MR to avoid his fear. May grab mobs from around area as pets for added DPS.

Not the greatest write ups in the world but these really are fairly trivial events you do now just for the AA points and flags.

Hope this comes off, will need a min of 18 I think to get this going. Again this will be based on if the mobs are up or not. If it works I will try and do all of the pre-elemental mobs over the next month +.

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I should be about, shoot me a tell and I'll lend a hand

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