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Default Kael weekend sign ups.

For the weekends of April (starting 8th) I will be running kael events.
Why? easy , thurg armor quests.

What does that mean for you?
Thurg armor is nice stuff don't be fooled by the era of velious.

To do the thurg armor you need to be warmly and up with the dain,So if you are not that I would expect to see at-least 1 faction group a night for a few hours. It will be pointless to get the gear without the faction.

Place - Kael Drakkel
(go to Great Divide to Eastern Wastes, from Eastern Wastes follow wall right from zone to Kael Drakkel, watch out for the cliff though.)

Levels - I will only take 45 to Kael Drakkel.

Resists - Giants are pretty forward so not much for resists are needed here.

Mobs - Mobs we are going after are the arena mobs, including Priests of Zek if we have the forces.

Raid Target - Thurg armor quest pieces.

1 point will be awarded for every hour attended.
(Points not used for this raid , gear will be randomed NBG)

If you are interested in going please post with level and class at Experior board.

Loot will be your standered 3 table system.

Chest and legs on 1.
All other pieces on 2.
And all other loot on 3.

If in some case no one is there that can use the loot It will be defaulted to Experior guild bank. (I.E. if a caster robe drops and every caster there has then it will go to guild bank.)

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