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Ript Southpaw
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Default Ghalewind - On a serious note

First off I'd like to say that anyone who would like to flame me for saying this here can send all flamage to That being said, I have a serious piece of advice for you Ghalewind.

I know I really shouldn't have to explain this to you, but I am in a very benevolent mood today. I'm going to draw out a brief analogy.

Let's say myself, as an Iksar, want to become unkos to the people of freeport. The first thing I would set out to do would be to go to kill orcs in highpass. Every time I kill one, the people of freeport like me just a tad better. It's a small change, but a change in the right direction nonetheless. Now I come to the emarr board and post "Hey guys, I killed 20 orcs today". That does not increase my faction one iota.

Where am I going with this? Ghalewind, you are at a point where you need to recover CitizensofErollisiMarr faction. You do not do this by posting that you are sorry (although that is a step in the right direction) you do this by doing small things in game that are more socially accepted in eq. Note : no where in this equation does it say come and post everything you do nor everything you plan to do. I don't think creating another character is the answer either. It's about changing your attitude, not your avatar in a game.

Every time you jump one of us while you are in your kos state, even if you defending yourself is 'just' in your eyes, you are going to catch aggro from just about all of the regulars.

A basic outline I think you should do is this:

#1 Quit posting altogether for a while. I'm not saying you are necessarily a child, but you are way too childish to deal with most of us kids.

#2 If you decide to ignore #1, at least stick with one account and don't let your temper control you. Lying about having two accounts will always be found out by master sleuth Ogmuk. If you have to vent open a word document and type out what you think and then just delete it.

#3 Do pay back the people you scammed. Don't put on a big show about it and expect us to praise you. It ain't gonna happen, but at least people will stop hunting you down.

#4 Quit dwelling on actions in game like they are real. So what if someone pissed you off in game, don't let the zone know about it. People will not focus on who did what wrong, but rather you annoying them in shout.

Basically it boils down to practice restraint. I don't trust you as far as I can throw you, but if you are really interested in recovering your rep, just practice maturity and maybe you can hope to at least get back to 'Dubious' with most people on the server that now 'Scowl' at you.
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Hey , Ript i'll pass it on to ghale in rl cuz i don't thik he's gonna check the board for a bit k?

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