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Gilthenos Drahkos
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Default April 5th 10:00pm Eastern Mini Trak

The BP will be randomed, the guts will of course go to me . Here are some raid rules:

75 to each relevant resist unbuffed
+5 to each of those resists for each level you are below 60.
Atleast level 55 (I may make exceptions)
BP will only go to classes that can use item (I do NOT get to roll on SS BP).
Be at OS Orb at raid start time.

If no memember of a particular class is present for raid and that BP drops it will NOT be randomed. I think it is fairer to everyone for me to pay raiding party 45k (to be split evenly) then to send on person off with a 45k prize to sold. If this happens the money will be given out right after the raid at GFay spires.

I will limit total number of people to below 30.
1/5th tanks (warrior prefered)
1/5th melee dmg (rouge and monk prefered) [60 monk, 58 rogue]
1/5th healer (clerics prefered) [59 cleric]
1/5th support (bards, enchanter, shammy, ...) [60 shamy]
1/5th DD caster (wizard prefered)
Raid will be a no go if under 18 people show up or classes are wrong.
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Default ...

Count the 58 Rog, 60 Monk, and 60 Shaman in ya gimp, prolly will find more.

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