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Default Vox: dead...later...Naggy: dead 2 for 2

Well as 7pm approached and me and my Naggy raidlings prepared to move in...something went horribily wrong...the server crashed...this delayed our slaying.

We however persevered and pressed on unswervingly...then i got the news that Naggy had been atempted twice and faild...and that Vox had just recently failed. Vaalken and the other people who had been leading vox were gracious enough to all me and my raider a shot at her.

We packed up shop and moved to Permafrost where a force of zerglings asembeled...we had around 50 people going against her...did group buffs...lottta death...she healed alot but in the end we stuck a flag of victory in her ass.

Vox loot was decent:
2 Bracers
Pally book

Not bad...buncha peeps left and so the few and the proud that were left headed on over to SolB to pay a nice asskicking to Naggy.
FG's died fast...buffline was set up...Goodfellow was constantly OOM : ) j/k man...we buffed and camped.
Needless to say we came back and destroyed his ass.

30ish people went up against Naggy...1 death..yes thats right only 1 death, repeat preformance of last raid : ) only this time it was hot steamy Ranja death...not ench : )
(BTW the Ranja had no healer so he prolly woulda survived with one)

fight lasted under 1 min...l33wtz were ph4t

Pally Book
Tranix Crown dropped tooo was a long and good day and i need to thank some people...

Thanks to Vaalken and the Vox raiders that were kind enough to listen to me an Tulmarians advice and follow us to kill her. Ty to Goodfellow for doing massive CR / res / are the coolest. Thank to Walden for C3 and Clicksnake!

And most importantly ty to Tulmarian for being my other half on the can take all the credit for Vox bro : ) thanks to all my guys are awesome and listen so well : ) Thank guys...GL and mabye we'll do this again

Naggy 20-1 Vox 7-0
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Old 03-30-2002, 03:31 PM   #2
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Good job as always Josiah. Sorry I couldn't make it to naggy too. Was one of those nights.

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Old 04-01-2002, 09:20 AM   #3
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and thanks to that really nice rogue who gave up the spear.

no really, it would be nice to raid with you all again.

53 Rogue
Mr. Nice Guy
Forgotten Guard

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Old 04-02-2002, 12:15 AM   #4
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damnit, frost and burnt book in the same night
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Old 04-04-2002, 02:02 PM   #5
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Ack, I was so upset with my death there that I've committed myself to beef up my FR some more. Yes I was the weak a$$ ranger that died at the hands of Naggy who thwarted my plans to take a picture of his dead a$$. Yes we had no healer going in. We had a pally though who was a few seconds short with the LoH....oh well. I'm gonna stick it to him the next time with or without a healer.

Oh and btw, to reiterate my points on ranger jokes.

I don't mind the ranger jokes as long as they are funny. If you're going to make ranger jokes, please don't come up with lame ones. I believe the winner of the lamest ranger joke goes to the idiot who came up with: "How many rangers does it take to kill Vox? ..........none.....they all die trying. This one was truly stupid.

My examples again are: What's the difference between a corpse and a ranger?.............a few rounds of melee.

And this limerick:

Beware to you all,
You're group is in danger.
Your tank dies too easily
He must be a ranger.

These are at least funny and are tolerable because of their humor.

I don't take credit for these, they have been said before. But I urge you; if you want to make ranger jokes, please make them funny least a little funny.

That is all.
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Old 04-05-2002, 12:09 PM   #6
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Hey, i also want to thank everyone who put up with everything. The 2CR's and all that BS.
I also want to appologize to all the raiders of vox under my lead. We had 48 people and i figuered she would be a breeze. Well after about 60 deaths she finally died. I am sorry for underestimating Vox, but also for putting together such Shoddy buffs. But we did kill her, and gratz to all on loot. Naggy is my bitch. j/k. But Yalladar as for rangers on the naggy after spring break, rangers are expendaple. We are being careful. If we pull off 18 and then 12, we most likely will lead consistant raids of 18 to Naggy and rangers will be invited then. But as for the people going on the first raid of 18 to naggy, rangers are not accepted unless you have your epic. sorry, we are being extremely careful on this one. But Yalladar, you will be an invited guest as soon as we set up a consistant rotation on him.
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Old 04-05-2002, 01:22 PM   #7
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Yalladar as for rangers on the naggy after spring break, rangers are expendaple.


Yalladar sighs, clearly disappointed.

I'll catch ya on the next one then.
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