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Default My retirement

With the last server merger, I moved all of my characters to The Rathe thinking that was what I needed to make EQ fun again. I found after 3 months that I had just lost my love for EQ. I had no desire to log in or raid. I have retired my account and am not planning to return to the game in the foreseeable future.

What I have found with the retirement is that there is a life outside of EQ, with normal meals with family and friends, and with no compulsion to log on to raid. I truly cherish the memories that I have from my time on Emarr during the 8 years that I was there. EQ was my life and the players were my 2nd family. I won't name names but there are so many people that I truly loved that I left while trying to find happiness again. I do apologize primarily to MLF for leaving. I probably should have stayed as you guys were great and meant so much to me, but I think it was a part of separating myself from the game.

I want to end with saying that Emarr has to be the best server in EQ and it's the people that make it so. You guys take care.
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Take care Anni, it was fun =)
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I remember fondly the great run we all had in Resi back in the day. I enjoyed being your guildmate. Good luck with whatever you choose to do next Anni.
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Default Sometimes it Time

Hi Anni,

You might remember me a couple of years ago. I too retired for similar reasons. I found life changed for the better yet I too missed EQ. Recently I put Inla and Necik back together, logged on and realized how much information, time and effort are required to play this GAME. I too made the decision to stay with real life rather than virtual life. The memories will live on for ever and the friends will too!

Good luck and best wishes for your new life!

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