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Default Is vox still up?

Subject says it all.
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As far as I know she is still up. She was at 2:30am Est.
I think that make it Vox-3 Peeps-0 this weekend. I was on two (one Sat night and one Sun night) and think another eariler attempt was made on Sun too.

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Just want to give KUDOS to Harsh on the way he led the Raid I was on. Did an excellent job managing the 36 peeps that went after Vox last night.. She was down to a sliver of health when the last tank went down...Me..

Problem was people didnt listen to instructions and many casters didnt bind in the buff hall as they were told.. Anyway Harsh. Nice job. I will attend any future raid for Naggy or Vox that you lead.

52 Warrior - GreyLords

Tyym (00ber Chanter)
officer/raid council
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