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Default After 9 years of 2 accounts!

Well guys, it's a sad experience saying goodbye to a game that dominated my thoughts and dreams for 9 years.. although I quit playing over a year ago.. the accounts are now stopped!

80 Bst Aniimal.. 80Zerker Pedigree.. 75Rog Bloodclawz.. 75 Sk Kudos.. 72Rng Potz.. 79 Necro Atmozfear.. 71Dru Rootz..75 Mnk Hitz.. 80Sham Hopflip.. 75Cler Keudaven.. 75 Mag Conjurz.. 65war and 65Bard.. forgotten the damn names!..Lol

They all bid you farewell and you may find me playing Warhammer Online.. Karrak eight peaks

Laters all!
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Take care bud, gonna expect ya back.. Warhammer is fun for about 6 months, then it gets real repetitive =p. I play Kasmine on Gorfang from time to time, but mostly just play EQ anymore due to the repetition. Let me know if/when you get a statue in your home city =p.
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I have missed the chats with you on Anni and Leesa. I still have you on my friend list and will keep you there. Hope to see you back one of these days. Send me a tell when you get on. I'm sure I'll still be around.
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