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Default So long and Thanks for all the fish!

Its time for me to move on. I never thought about this day until its here. Due to school, mah new baby girl, and work I am having to call it quits. I hate to leave still at negative points, especially since Reviction is one of the TWO guilds that I have been in across 8.5 years that I actually considered home, but there's just not enough time in the day to do everything that needs to get done. Eight and a half years is a long time and a long list of people to say goodbye to so if I miss someone don't feel left out cause I'll miss everyone in reviction. That just goes to show you how much of a home this is, cause I never once used to consider myself a social player of EQ. It was always about the game and being my best! Anyways..... here goes

Murkyl: your one crazy mofo....never change!

Banayd: Thanks for all the help and good times!

Chandon: I'm glad we met and see yah this year hopefully at renfest!

Jarridian: It's been fun bro, and its been long( MF RULES!) take it easy man!

Ralleigh: Old School times for old school peeps(Kaizen X, Midnight Soujurn, and Phoenix Crusaders)!

Saelketh: Nother old schooler and for emarr's sake I hope both you and ralleigh stay at it!

Vegi and Madisyn(you'll always be madi!) it was kewl and fun while it lasted(PE)!

Wackumz: Vegas was a blast dood, and Mcluvin RULEZ!

Janson: Everybody says your an ass most of the time, but I say frak'em, I got to know you from our little chats and your a kewl dood!

Footypanse: Your mah crazy crazy girlly, never change and keep telling everyone how gnomes rock( Even though they don't)!

The Enchanter Team: I hope you guys continue to kick ass, and I hope at least I taught one of you guys something you didn;t know before meeting me.

Hormadrune: Way deep old school(OFS!) We had a blast then and still will, just not here!

Atroxis and Chisy: you two were 2 outta 3 of my favorite monks (Wackumz ft3) cause you tools never gave a crap about crowd control on pullz hardly ever, and thats what made it all fun!

Lysaer/Jazimine: We had differences to begin with, but you were always one of my favorite chanter buddies. Good luck on that cleric thing!

Vishanti( Ice weasel X): You were the one chanter I knew who was crazy than I was.

Lutetia, Noprbs, and Haco: If you guys still read this stoof at all Thanks for all you taught me about enchanting!

Xamatab/Abax, Novichok, Toadhammer, Gaslancer/Balibom, Zagats/Toolboy and Soruman/Rathma: Thanks for getting me hooked into this crazy assed game to begin with.....oh yeah and long live da 'BIRF

Anyone I left out: don't feel left out, just feel remembered.( 8.5 years IS a long time)

And last but DEFINTELY not least...........

MEOPAL: Your mah boy, always will be. You were the one person other than Sira that I could always count on for help with any crazy assed idea I came up with, and I do mean ALWAYS. You were the one person besides Sira that I would drop anything that I was doing to help in return. I owe you in big ways man!

Now with that outta the way, just a few housekeeping notes:

1. I'll be logging in one last time sometime this week, prolly wed or thursday night to say goodbye to people.
2. I'll be guild removing myself the same night, due to the fact that I am selling my account to my best friend and his is transfering wonko to another server. So don't freak if you see me on after this sunday it's actually my buddy getting ready to xfer wonko.
3. Just to clarify, after sunday it won't be me playing the account anymore, so don't think I just left for greener pastures or some crazy BS please.

I know lots of people though I was an a-hole, but like I said before I never played this game to make friends, it was always about the game! With that said if I ever stepped on your toes or ranted/raved or just generally pissed you off I'm sorry, but once again, Its only a game!

If anyone wants to write the email addy is

Peace and chicken grease

Wonko Desane
80 Dark Elven Enchanter
"The Mad Hatter of the Chantin World!"

P.S. The charmed giant in the pre FC raid was a baddddddddd MOFO!
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was nice knowing ya bro, take it easy.
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Originally posted by Ice Weasel X
You had a much more respectable demeanor back then.
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Ice Weasel X
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Holy shit, Wonko! I didn't even realize you were still playing! At least you're leaving for the right reasons, eh? Better to leave before it's boring. Congratulations on the li'l girl =)
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To this day I hate gnomes because of Footypanse.. What a miserable human being she was.. Nice to whoever could help her and shitty to the rest of us..

I guess you can fool most of the people most of the time.. Look at Obama.

Anyways, gnomes are ick!
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Take it easy Wonko- you're quitting for all the right reasons. Make sure Sira keeps the baby pics coming! Was fun playing with you all those years even if you did commit the cardinal sin of creating an elf warrior
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Camien Ta`Mire
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Heh. There's no possible way I can help Footypanse, but she buffs me when I ask for it. Most of the time. So, I declare, sir, that your accusations are unfounded!

Oh, and trolling and ranting someone's retirement thread is fun, I guess.

Wonko, haven't played with ya much, but those few times I did were good experiences. HAve fun in RL, and congrats on the baby!
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ya I expect that kind of comment.. Someone buffing you in passing certainly qualifies them for sainthood I wish she would retire so I COULD post to her
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Guess this explains why I haven't seen much of Siranah around either. Good luck with RL you two, was good to know you in game.
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Sorry I missed your final time in game sir. Take care of that wife and the little one - be well.
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Wow like a bit over a year later but oh well. You had all the right stuff man, take it easy with the family.
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