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Default Monk Epic Faction

I have an Agnostic Monk of Qeynos, who is Amiable to the monk guild in Freeport, but they won't let me do hand ins for my epic (headband/sash quest). I am Apprehensive to the guards however, is that the faction I have to raise? In any case, when I go to hand something in they say "You have not contributed enough to our cause". Any info on this would be great, thanks!
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Go kill deathfist orcs. They give +Ashen Order faction, and you need high amiable to do the turnins, I believe; I couldn't do 'em without a little faction work, anyways.
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Or you just kill Thena Lonnes at the freeport monk guild who drops the red headband of order.

She's a level 35 monk, and far enough away that ANY monk worth the time it took to make it can single pull it away and kill her.

Of course, I did it the hard way like Irulan said. Of course, being an Iksar, I had a bit more faction work before I was able to do the quests, but I did it. But if you want to skip all the sash quests, there you go.

Just a reminder, Brothers Q and Z are on beta-neutral faction, so you can still be hated by the monk guilds and do the turn ins for your robe.
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Default Faction for Freeport of Qeynos

if its Qeynos - ruin them lands - Gnolls get as many gnoll fangs as possible turn em in as faction as well as boost u get for every 100 you kill give em to the captian who sits on the balcony above arena u get good faction can also take the moonstones u get an get more faction cant recall what bar the geek is in but he in a room with him an a female he in back its near dock and trumpy iron toe hits in the front of this tavern
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Default just get robe

easiest way is just to skip headband/sash all together and kill the trainer in RM or SK if u can, or have a friend help ya out and kill it. i got it in 3 kills of trainer (doest drop everytime) killed SK one once and RM one twice. fairly easy, hits like 320 max, has quite a bit of HP tho and resistant to spells (was like a 4min fight or so as a 70 necro, couldnt land any dots so i just let pet tank). its WAY easier than camping raster and crap.
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