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Analorne Songheart
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Default Re: Rude

I dunno, if I was LFG and someone asked me to join a group and I wasn't up for it, I'd probably say "No thank you" at the least, or more likely "No thanks, I think I'll hold out for a group here"

But, saying "No" isn't rude. The response from the person he said no to was a lot more obnoxious.

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Default Re: Rude

Lurikeen, I think Nancy Reagan was teaching us that before Bush Sr. Was the "No" a little rude? Yeah, a little. But certainly not rude enough to get all bent over it.

At least he got a "No" instead of an ignore. I've asked a 60 enchanter outside sol b for c3 once with no response. I then asked for c2 with no response...just regular clarity with no response. I even actually poltiely requested breeze from a level 60 enchanter (out of frustration more than anything).

He was moving around so I know he was at his keyboard. I wish I could have at least got a "No" out of him. I was standing right in front of him practically doing jumping jacks and he still pretended like I was invisible. Wait maybe I was...No I don't think so.
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There is a very large differance between sayin "no" to a random begging tell, and saying "no" to a tell that you requested.

I think some of you did not realize that he was LFG and when someone took the time to not only invite him, they said where they would be fighting too. To me that type of tell deserves more then a "no." Where tells out of the blue asking for that type of stuff do deserve a "no" if even that.
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Shrug, just IMO it was more rude of the other person to call him on it than it was for him to say "no." Just saying "no" is an answer of indifference. It's not negative or positive, it's neutral. "Hell no" would be a negative response, whereas "no thank you" would be a positive response.

It's not a law to be polite. It certainly is kind when someone is polite, but it's not always necessary. Giving a neutral response to someone you don't know from Adam seems to be 100% logical to me. I know I've done it a thousand times. If you don't want to take the time or energy to say "thanks" you don't have to. After all, it is your keyboard and the keys are yours to press.
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I think that you were more "abrupt" than "rude", but that is only my opinion... of course, my friends who know me in RL, know that "rude and crude" are usually my way to go... so take it for what you will.
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