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Default Chkdsk issue

So there is an update I have to download or something upon opening the Patcher on the 22nd. And right when it starts it comes up with some error and cancels.

It says Local file IO error. The file may be currently in use, the hard drive may be full, or you may not have the proper access privileges to write these files. Blah Blah Blah.

It says E:/Everquest/help has encountered a corruption problem. Please run checkdisk to fix this problem. I ran checkdisk and it said that it cannot keep running in read-only mode but I have no idea how to open it out of read-only mode. I have 2.5 GBs left of space on my E:/ Drive and I have no idea what is going on. Can anyone lend a helping hand if it happened to them or something? Its really strange, I am contacting SoE as well right now. Any ideas?
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If you're using Win2K or XP it should give yo uthe option to schedule a chkdsk upon next boot. If it's 98, boot into DOS and run chkdsk.
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