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Default New Computer Problem

O.K., I went out and bought a new computer today. AMD Athlon XP 2400+ processor, V4MDMP VIA KM400 - VIA VT8235 DDR333 Motherboard, 512 MB DDR, NVidia GeForce 5200.......

The problem I'm having is that it will connect to the internet and won't receive any incoming traffic. I've tried 2 different modems. It shows as receiving incoming traffic on the modem status icon, but my firewall isn't getting any. It shows outgoing traffic on both. What it looks like is that the info is getting to the modem but somewhere between that and the HDD it's getting lost. Any suggestions?

EDIT: I've already tried moving the modem to a different PCI slot. Still same problem. Also tried changing IRQ. No luck
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