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Default DJ puts his foot in his mouth

Poor taste or poor choice...who knows..

DJ Fired for Celebrating Reagan's Death

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A college disc jockey who put on a radio show celebrating Ronald Reagan (news - web sites)'s death was fired Friday from his position as the station's business manager.

Scott Hornyak, a 28-year-old undergraduate student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, had been suspended indefinitely from his disc jockey job at KSUA-FM after the Sunday show.

"They're firing me because of what I said, and the public's reaction to what I said," said Hornyak, who goes by the call name "Spider Bui."
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I lived in Alaska for almost 20 years and know Fairbanks relatively well and I can say with utter certainty he wasnt fired for his politics. If any thing he was fired for saying stupid shit in a forum meant for other purposes. Like.... music.

A good example of this would be Michael Moores little peen waving at the Oscars.
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