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A Great deal of coverage? OK i guess you dont play the compare game but I have seen about 30 seconds of McNair coverage in comparison to 3 minutes of the molestor coverage......

I mean according to you MJ is the only molestor and drug addict in the world? I was just saying the McNair seemed to be a class act and didnt do stupid shit like that....... but then I find out what he was up to, I am more understanding of that than the other two though (dont like it at all but more understanding).

Mike and Mike in the morning were the worst of the sports station Horm..... Greeny would not let it go the whole day........ I wanted to hear about Tom Brady and his knee or who the Spurs signed or How the Reds were doing......... not how some pop star killed himself with Medication accidentally. (that wasnt out yet and still isnt confirmed but we all know that is what happened).

No man should be idolized IMO..........

Next........... MJ sightings........took years for the elvis ones to stop...............oh wait forget it lol.

Horm you are also correct that espn has given McNairs death more coverage..... BUT he belongs on ESPN MiJack does not. (I do not have to explain to you why......bumbles might not know though lol).

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I mean according to you MJ is the only molestor and drug addict in the world? I was just saying the McNair seemed to be a class act and didnt do stupid shit like that.
Don't play coy. We all know that your homage to McNair was a not so subtle attack at MJ. There was no reason for it, there has been MJ threads. And you made yourself look like an ass in them.

bumbles might not know though
A. I don't advocate the public airing of celebrities lives. I have been on record many times on this. Its not any of my business nor should I really care much about it. When they die, they leave a family behind that mourns them. For that matter, all deaths deserve some respect.

B. I am a sports nut. It pisses me off when sports goes on and on about Manny's exploits off the field or Clemens or Kobe or any of this unnecessary shit. For some reason the sports stations are worse than the news in covering celebrity (albeit sports) lives. It doesn't surprise me in any sense that they covered MJ's death. They do what sells, its that simple. I am like you in this regard, I don't want to hear about it.
But someone said the most profound thing the other day, "if you don't like the coverage, turn it off and do something else".
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I did turn it off............ all of it, everytime Michael Jackson came on i turned the channel to something that wasnt covering it for a while, but I still know its there even the fucking weather fucking channel had that piece of shit on........ at least that i could turn down and finish watching the radar to see what i needed to see.

as far as seeing shit on Kobe......... he should have been in prison for being stupid, Tyson raped a girl he got what he deserved blah blah blah ........ go ahead and report it but dont try push any icon status on me, NONE of them mean shit to me personally, if a black man shits anymore they try make me idolize it as the best shit ever, I do NOT have to be oppologetic to these people for being white, what I should do is treat them like people when they are around me .....with respect and in a dignified manner and I do that....... so quit pushing bullshit adulterers, rapers and molestors on me as icons, let them die in peace and let the families bury them.... Im not saying dont tell us when they pass away, Im saying tell us they have passed on and leave them alone.

MJ was an entertainer if you want to make a big deal of it do it on the entertainment section of the news..... or entertainment channels ect

Steve was an athlete ......... sports news...sporting channels.....

Hell the did just as much for Dale SR in racing all over the news, poor family had to put up with all kinds of stupid wasn't neccessary, sure people THINK the fans deserve to say good bye..... the fact is the fans normally do not care about the PERSON they just care about WHAT the person is.
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