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Originally Posted by Furo
This is why the DNC loses campaigns.
...and that reporter is why Fox 26 in Houston loses viewers. He sounds like he should be doing a 70's documentary for PBS.
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The Dems, for years, have relied heavily on polling data. They have been known to switch positions on an issue based solely on one poll. It is apparent to anyone who pays attention that they will compromise and change positions based on the "perceived" will of America....and this may be from day to day.

This, IMO, caused them to loose an enormous amount of credibility. People know that the Dems will say whatever they think you want to hear, so it's hard to get to the "what they really believe.

Obviously every politician is going to try and appease and get as many votes as possible. But Ohh'bama! has been demonstrating the same flaws as Kerry and Gore during their election process. I think it illustrates that the Dem party is out of touch....that, or they think that America is stoopid, that they know whats best, and the whole election process is nothing more then an costly and inconvenient obstacle.

Ohh'bama!'s "world tour" is nothing but a farce and photo op that attempts to prop up his foreign policy deficits.
"But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned." (1st Corinthians 2:14)
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Originally Posted by Pafuna View Post
Actually, I find that many of us are tough to pigeon hole - pragmatic-liberal-moderate-democrat, conservative-progressive-social-moderate, leftish-socialite-rightist-moneyguy...

I don't think that's bad, either - shows us that we're complex people with at least a somewhat sophisticated view of the world.

Well, most of us, anyway...
i wanna here what i am. you guys generally don't insult me enough.
Everyone has The Right to MY opinion!
Everyone also has the right to be Stupid every now and then. Some people Don't know how Not to abuse that!

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If someone tells you it's OK to lie. How do you know they aren't lying?
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Sociopathic bully?
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Originally Posted by SupportTank View Post
i wanna here what i am. you guys generally don't insult me enough.
You're Canadian, we figure you get enough abuse based on that alone and take it easy on you!
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Originally Posted by SupportTank View Post
i wanna here what i am. you guys generally don't insult me enough.
Actually, we do, but you don't tend to understand it.
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Man that just rolls off the tongue nicely.

Originally Posted by Karthanon View Post
I know, you're in Ottawa, Davek. Still, I can't help but /poke you.
Originally Posted by Drysdale View Post
And you wonder why I don't play nice with you? You leave my man buttons alone.. Those are Davek's.
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Originally Posted by SupportTank View Post
i wanna here what i am. you guys generally don't insult me enough.
Your Toque looks like a foreskin.


I dunno, I got nothin' else....
Originally Posted by Ini View Post
Holy shit I think Pafuna just won the intraweb!
Originally Posted by FafnerMorell View Post
Damn, is Pafuna allowed to win the intrawebs twice, or is it a lifetime achievement thing?
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