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Default Non EQ Related - Comp Problems

Not that I play on Emarr anymore, but I find EQ folks more helpful ( and quicker responding ) then most other message boards.. so I figure I'd throw this one out to everyone here and see if I can get this resolved.

I recently built a computer for a friends co-worker. I put them on my LAN to download thier Dial-Up ISP software, Windows patches, and other goodies. The computer is at thier home right now, and they can't seem to connect to thier ISP. The modem dialed our house number once ( Which was not done purposely ) and I'm wondering if I have to reset something in Window's so it will use the modem, rather than my LAN which isn't there anymore.

OS is Win98, ISP they are wishing to use in Juno. Anyone know what the problem is?

Thanks for your time. ^.^
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Reformat and install Linux.

Or, if that's not possible, at least install Win2k or WinXP.

/em shudders at the nightmares she had trying to get Win98 to connect to various networks and ISPs when she worked on computers for a living
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netzero and juno are the same thing now. using old juno software could be the problem. maybe they need to get netzero dial up software
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