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Default Just wanted to thank a few people

Today I led a raid on CoM to get my good friend Welan his Spear of Fate. We were both members of Cries of Insurrection up until its demise and as a result I had to ask for a bit of help to take down Rak. I Just wanted to thank all the former members of Cries who came as well as those who have now joined the newly formed Shadow Tears. I Also wanted to thank the contingents from Forgotten Guard and Circle of Faith for coming. We may have had a bit of an overkill, but I hope everyone had a good time and Congratulations to Welan on his shiny new spear. Thanks to all the friends of friends who came as well. I wish i had a list of all the names but you all know who you are and it was wonderful to see that many people come to help my friend despite the fact that many didn't even know him. Finally special thanks to Lizziebeth, leader of Circle of Faith, for her advice and organizational assistance.

Solemneyes Winterborne
61 barbarian oracle
formerly of Cries of Insurrection
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Default Grats!

Congratulations bro!

Sorry i was not there, if i had known the details etc i would have been but it sounds like it went well so im happy for ya

See ya in game!
"A good ranger keeps their friends close and their enemies at a distance"

~ Hunter Philwen Hawkseye
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Default GRatz

Gratz on 60 man hope u will get 65 soon.
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