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Default The Shadowguard (7/30/99)

This is for the old timers here on E.Marr...

I was going through some old papers last night and found a membership list for The Shadowguard dated 7/30/99.

See if any of these names bring up memories

Acryl DE Enchanter

Aginor DE Necromancer

Calilya DE Cleric

Cosmo Gnome Wizard

Cresent DE Necromancer

Dozer Ogre Shaman

Durbatuluk Ogre Shaman

Kaein DE Warrior

Kaidel DE Rogue

Khalil DE Necromancer

Kinkain DE Necromancer

Malador DE Enchanter

Maugrim DE Shadowknight (leader)

Mlar DE Cleric

Mordrid DE Cleric

Nallae DE Cleric

Shoguk Troll Shaman

Tarkesh DE Warrior

Vendril DE Necromancer

Vestrial DE Rogue

Wydow DE Necromancer

Zraxis DE Cleric

Ahh the fun we had, way back when....


Most are long gone, a few still play, either these or other characters.

/em waves to everyone who RPed in the early day's of Emarr...

Naele Shadowslayer
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Wydow... When I was still new to Everquest and was having a hard time picking a character I wanted to stick with, let alone break level 10, I was running around Qeynos Hills on a new half elf druid I made named Blunder. She was running around the lake near Surefall Glade kiting the NPCs there around.

It looked like she was having trouble and I was like "Umm, I don't think you're going to make it." and she was like "Yeah, wanna bet!?" and ran off with the last NPC. The barbarian was dead there and I went up to check it curiously... and the corpse was open. I looted all the fish and grubs off it (that I could remember), and she ran back and was like "WTF!? Give me that loot you thief!!" and I was like "What, why, it was only fish." and it went on with her shouting to the zone about me looting the barbarian, and the zone was like "Well that's what you get from a guy named Blunder."

That's the only person I can remember from that list, back in like third quarter 1999. Think she was in that Black Widows guild, though.

And here I am... saying this... wondering if she still plays and comes across this and starts to jump on my case. O.o That would be a barrel of laughs if she did, though. But I doubt she would even if she did. Three years is a long time after all.
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A few of the names sound familiar, but whether its from way back when or from seeing names being bandied about the boards I can't tell.

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Hey.... add to that list.... Horgo, Umbrac, Ziktiny, Muzgash and a certain rogue.... Nan something other.

Those where some good times. I think I met some of my best bro's in this game w/in that guild.

Remember when EQ was a "RP" game? Hehe... I rem by first look at a SK w/a ROD (reaper of the dead). I was like...ohhhhh man...too cool. I remember a guild war in that tunnel in the EC's and dieing quickly..but having a blast.

Hey... hell what about Pando? My first toon w/there w/them. A DE SK named Markum. I lost his body once and freaked cause I had a piece of bronze that some dork named Romag (my bro) had given me. Back then that friggen DarkElve forest was my worst nightmare. Running around lost and finding that GD halfie dude who promptly handed me my ass... doh. I remember taking Muz back and killing every halfie I could for hours just for the revenge factor.

Yea... the RP'ers where for the most part some damn great people. We had our freaks or 3 but they where far in-between.

Man.. did I just ramble incoherently or what?

Muzgash Warpig
Sarraak Tyranix

P.S. I THINK I started in Oct of 99... seems about right anyway. Romag/Neeko lured me here from a WW2 flight sim we played.

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I remember almost every one of them Naele. Heh, I died by more than a few of them in guild wars in the early days of the KHS. Some memorable moments that stand out during that time is the duel between Setis and Vestrial I believe it was. Hehe. I think that was the moment when Setis learned to fight a rogue with your back to the wall. That whole RP storyline with you corrupting Elth with your um.... feminine charms. Hehe. And many more memorable moments too numerous to mention. Ahhh those were the days.
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OMG Zelg you're the bastard who stole my grubs?? You're SO dead.

(Just kidding :P)
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Man those names bring back memories. Muzgash, how can you forget our wizzie Ninnin or sneaky little Nandayar? I sold him his first suit of Blackened Iron armor. Mordrid was the one who sent me the guild invite. Didn't Kaein join KHS after betraying us (in character)? Who was that Nallae wench though? I don't recognize her...

edit : BTW, Ziktiny and Vaeelaria are both still guilded in the Shadow Guard. (Except that my acct is cancelled, so maybe the guild will disappear at some point.)

Finally retired

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