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I did read everyons retarded post cause I dont have that much time but heres the down and dirty

If they new you had a condidition-regardless of you symptons-upon hire they can not force you to do anything that could further your condidtions. for example - if you hire a recovering alcholic you can not in anyway force them to be around alchol.

Now on the opposite side. If you disability greatly interferes with your job to the point that it would cost the company "extreme amounts" to compensate you then they do not have to compenstate you. So that same secenrio at a bar would be mute and the alcholic has no case.

I hope this helps but what it boils down to is if its not going to kill the company to comepensate you then they have to unless its a major part of the job. There are some regulations that must be met before the ADA even applys to your work place. For example where I live (not sure if federal or not) the company must have atleast 15 full time employees.
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