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Default warriors vs. pal/sk

All know is what I have seen playing my shaman from 60 to 65. When I slow with a warrior MT, I take aggro most of the time. When I slow with a pal/sk MT, I never take aggro.

Again, the issue is not with warriors holding aggro... it is with the initial "take aggro" problem. To those warriors who say 'oh it isn't a problem', remember that we slowers see a lot more MT classes in a group than you do, so we have the best perspective from which to judge.

Can the warrior class time taunt correctly to make it work? I dunno; I don't play a warrior. I've never seen a warrior who could 100% keep the mob from saying "hi" to my shaman. Even with my 61 sk, I could just snare the mob and it would never touch the shaman. That, to me, is just wrong. 61 sk or pal can grab aggro faster than a 65 warrior.

War class needs something to grab aggro faster.

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