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Araya LeBon
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Default The Passion of Christ

I can't decide whether this movie was boringly offensive or offensively boring.

It really should have been called: "Jesus Falls Down a Bunch."

Seriously I stopped counting how many times he went sprawling on the ground after about 30.

Mel Gibson just isn't a good enough director to make a powerful movie out of even the most obvious subject matter in the universe.

The movie had Monica Belluci in it and she wasn't even sexy. What a crime.

At any rate I felt kinda bad for that Jesus dude getting all banged up like that but seriously, what was the point behind this movie?

It didn't move me. It didn't prompt me to rethink any of my prior perceptions of christianity. It wasn't even controversial IMO. Any idiot can see that it wasn't intended to disparage Jews. It was just graphic violence and Jesus falling on his holy ass. If you are into that sort of thing I guess it might be your movie. I think the best description for this movie would be "Jesus porn."

I can foresee this movie being the end of Mel's career.

Save your $ and go rent Last Temptation of Christ. At least that movie has David Bowie in it.
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