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Default running 2 video cards for one processor

I don't even know what this called so i can't google it..RAID0 i can at least find. Do boards do this automatically (probably depending on chipset) or does it require a software or hardware component?
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running 2 video cards? you mean like Nvidia's SLI technology or ATI's Crossfire?
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turns out i meant scan line interleaving....sooooo tempted to get this on my next comp
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You can either do 2 cards (1 AGP/PCI Express, 1 PCI) or a card that has 2 monitor ports. I personally prefer 2 cards so that I get full framerate outta the primary card... the 2nd card is usually not used in gaming by me, It's more of a place to have my browser up while I screw around...
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Only specific motherboards are SLI ready. It is actually a decent choice, since more often than not two mid range cards out-perform a high range card. Of course, unless you are a hardware junkie, and want to fiddle and configure interminably, buy it ready-made. When you try to do it yourself you have to worry about heat and air flow, etc.

Furthermore, end of the day, your graphics, unless you have a huge amount of ram and make a ram disk, are loaded from your HD to your video card's memory. In high end games like EQ2, your bottleneck might end up being your hard drive's speed.

If you are going to spend the money on two video cards for an SLI set up, also invest the money on two or three raided SATA hard drives. THEN you have a fast system. Oh, and at least 1.5 ram is what I'd go for too.
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Actually I only buy comps like every 4 years...but with vanguard in beta it's about time to get a new one. The one I was planning on was a dual core p4 3.0 (model 830 i believe), with 2x gforce 7800 in SLI mode, 2 gigs 667 ddr2 ram (2 sticks..leaving 2 slots open) and I had planned on a 10k rpm 160gig sata2 raid0. lately i've heard that a raid won't improve performance much if at all. is that true about the raid0? and if it is currently true might it be useful in the future? or would i just be wasting money? (the power supply is 650w...that seems like enough to power this plus some peripherals...but i dunno how much of a hog two 7800's will be.
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