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Default Bet ya cant figure this one out

I have a game folder with 1.7gigs of info i want to delete... but well cant. Maybe one of you can figure this one out, cause its stumping me. Trying to open the folder with windows brings up: "ERROR C DRIVE IS NOT FORMATED. DO YOU WISH TO FORMAT IT NOW?" yes/no. With internet explorer/firefox opening folder freezes up the program, with explorer i cant open either, basically this is the mystery folder now. Properties claims the folder has 0bytes of info in it. So i go to add remove programs and click remove and it just locks up. Any idea what the hell is happening here? Im prolly just gonna format sicne this pissed me off.
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Have you tried attacking it from the dos prompt?
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Hmmm.. possibly a malware or virus type program might be preventing you from deleting it? Can you manually enter the folder and delete small portions of it at a time?
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Do you have two hard drives? Is drive C: the one your Windows is on? If so, it smells like serious malware.

If the folder is on a different hard drive than the OS, there's a chance the hard drive is in fat32 format or some such, and your main OS is in NTFS format. and hence your 'folder' is unreadable.

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it was a game i bought off the shelf. if it was serious malware im seriously confused. I nuked my computer and just formated though. Its always nice to notice how gdamn huge the difference in speed is between a fresh xp install and a two + year old one is.
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