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Default Bullshit

OK, which one of these stories am I to believe?

Rep questions State Department's green energy spending amid security concerns

OK, this story suggests that the State Department turned down funds to increase security at American embassies.

Jason Chaffetz Admits House GOP Cut Funding For Embassy Security: 'You Have To Prioritize Things'

And this story tells of how the House voted to cut funding for embassy security 2 years ago, meaning there was nothing for them to turn down.

So, which is it?
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Ahhh, government.

Both are probably true.

The approved budget had items for the green program, which is money the GOP is now whining about. The budget also included cuts to maintainance and other items, thanks to the GOP.

Now the GOP wants to whine that funds weren't misallocated.

The simple truth is that there were probably departamental requests that were denied, because there was no more money in the budget for those items, while the money allocated for the green project was spent as designated by Congress.

I seriously doubt the claims that the department had "great flexibility" in spending decisions. You cannot spend funds for something that wasn't approved in the budget, or you commit a crime. The GOP is being deceptive.

The only likely way those funds could have been re-allocated to fund the requests for security would be a budget amendment or re-allocation approval from Congress.

That's how government works. Anyone familiar with government contracts or budgetting knows what a bunch of crap it is for the GOP to try to blame the department for not commiting a federal crime by engaging in misappropriation of funds.

I get to deal with this every day... so fun. Common sense has ZERO place in government finance. You use the money for what it is explicitly designated for or you don't use it. Period.
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