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Yep i remember sending my email in to get the guild formed .. and remember when a bug killed the guild on zoining unini remaking it for me cause he could verify email or something. i dont know for sure cause it was a long long time ago
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The Earth Keeper
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Ok now I am really annoyed.

Clan Battle Axe was up and active for about 6 months before it was deleted in the guild wipe back in early 2000. It took me 3 months of argueing with Valtron and finally catching him actually online before we got that resolved.

He took my last name that I created to annoy him at the same time he gave back our guild tag.

" name was "

CromBattleaxe ofclanbattleaxe

We had around 20 active members when that sweep went through.

I know several other guilds were wiped at that time. The vellious nightmare killed several other guilds I know of at the time when guild leaders zoned into icewall keep was how I remeber that bug working.
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Dazzler Twodirks
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Originally posted by Tevaran
the first guild i was in (for about 2 weeks ) was blades of honor... I think a lot of people were in that guild at some point and they are still together i believe.

We had 175 - 200 members in the first month.

Due to me inviting EVERYONE on Faydwer that i ran by after Uini Aactivated my tag.

That kinda backfired with a twink-anti twink debate and we lost a huge amount of people from both sides of the debate.

Not sure what happened since my PC was being repaired at the time.

And yes we're still around...
The casual gamers' guild that rarely raids anything.

EDIT: And no way is Meltdown the 5th oldest they started up late last year.
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This list the following Guilds (In order - no dates) (With founding guild leader)

Knights of the Holy Storm Setis
Unity's Might Gerdar
The Eternal Conclave Gizzard
Norrath Crusaders Morax
Keepers of Erollisi Marr Uini
Knights of Virtue Gorak
Salvation elwyn
Blood Knights lyndl
The Masquerade quemon
Trade Winds Etrigan
Shadow Guard Maugrim
Blood Fist Mercenaries Wauke
The Tarsis Shriners Bodie
Dawn Brigade cuchulain
Order of Ascension terrek
Deaths Embrace desecrate
Renshai warlore
Clan Deadbone Bhug ur
The Clan rd aqwa ntal
The Cimmerii giltaagin
Hands of Destruction Parnell
Avengers Federation North
Ice Clan Northefist
Technical Support Batrovian
Shadowspawn Barph
Disciples of Truth Asha
Dark Vengeance Uvatha
Sylvan Guard Solorn
The Soerbaird Jythri
Enchanted Circle Temporalis
Clan Ironfist gerret
Arakhne blackcalgalath
Peacekeepers Tehilah
Dragonwright Bretii
Holy Legion Haldrad
Norrath's Fist Talora
Chevaliers d'Honneur Orinwarf
Magius Knights Fenrere
Pendragon Society Tinyen
Fist of the Five Winds Dartanion
Shadow Killers Chukzombi
Tunare's Dreaming Aithe
Order of the Protectorate Quenelos
Harmony Vanidar
Evolution Crusaders Ballail
Stone Guard michele
Pandemonium Morzinynin
Phoenix Crusaders zacarius
The Revellion revel
Wizards of War cephalos
The Raenore Zilvyn
Sisters Without Mercy Willowbay
Arcanum Lore Merydin
Alliance of Calenrond Estaril
Hagane no Dan Tekkotsk
Magi of the Conclave raystlyn
Keepers of the Fiery Myste rivendel
that is the accurate list I am 99% sure of it.. I remember all those guilds (I helped with the creation of #15.. Order of Ascension)

The other lists posted are wrong

Steelslinger - 51 Dark Elf Mage - Emarr
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Orinwarf I
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It's close, Gurglespit, but where are the Phantom Knights in that list? When I was a member of the Norrath Crusaders, one of the big issues that came along just before Alrian and I left to form the Chevaliers d'Honneur, was that of a possible guildwar involving the Norrath Crusaders and the Japanese guild, Phantom Knights. They were certainly around before I left and co-founded our guild with Alrian.

--Previous Orinwarf
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Default dark faith?

anyone know when dark faith was formed? i know i was in that guild a loong time ago and i think they were old then
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Camien Ta`Mire
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I've been wondering just how old KoV was...this clues me in. Knights of Virtue are now the 2nd or 3rd oldest guild on the Norrath Crusaders still around? >< :eek:
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