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Default Is EQ going to shut down?

DBG's parent company had its assets frozen. Could this be the beginning of the end? I thought it would make 20 years.

By the way, I'm all comfy in my office in Iraq getting ready for bed. Maybe Blizzard will buy EQ... wishful thinking.
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Hi ya Martigan

Place is a ghost town these days. I still come here, but it has been like a 2-3 year gap since any of the regulars posted and somebody else actually replied.

Iraq huh.

Here's my news: I turned 59 on the 27th April... Me mum's been placed in involuntary aged care, sold the home in 2010 to pay for that (she had a bleeding stomach ulcer, diabetes, hyperglycemia, heart trouble and gotten thinner'n a rail post).

Found out in 2016 my father has been dead since NOV. 2001, learned this from a cousin reading cemetery notices.

Dad's 2nd wife reckons he didn't want it known, that he didn't leave a thing. He was cremated 24 hours after death so I didn't even get his funeral. What a fucking bitch! Dad's younger brother, hence my uncle, died in December just last year, was a big write up in the Sydney Morning Herald posted by his eldest daughter and the widow.

Shock news: cousin's half-sister (on mum's side of the family) was murdered, still an unsolved crime, no idea if there's been an investigation; another half-sister, the younger full sister to the murder victim, also made news when her baby boy 'Max' died of neglect, while she was 'out of it' sleeping off a drug high some years ago (their parents are both dead). That one then lost a lawsuit filing blame against her partner of the time. She left the courtroom when the judge's decision was being considered. That verdict also made national news. I only realised the obscure scandal newsbite was about this relative of mine recently, after mum dropped some family gossip. I could see her resemblance to the dead Uncle-in-Law in the news photo and she had his surname on the bill. Making the national news scandal and mum's tidbit one and the same person (ugly as $#%). Shock! Fucking shock.. jesus.

My family is a mixed bag, I'll give it that. Mum's other little sister came to see her, drove a mercedes, then my uncle came in driving his mercedes. From memory he's only a labourer, mum says he started a roofing business and made it a success. So he's a millionaire too ..well fuck me. I think it's just bullshit but I don't know anything about the guy's work.

The old home my mum's family sold for $47k in 1983, before we moved to outer suburbs, sold just last year for $1.8M (and I had wanted to buy it in 1983). Life kinda burns me up...

Calm quiet song (no opinion about the 'my husband' line, the singer is male): Everything's turning to white
Originally Posted by Drysdale
"Fair enough. I don't agree with anyone all the time."
Originally Posted by Davek
"*blink* *blink* *blink*
*bliiiink* *bliiiink* *bliiiink*
*blink* *blink* *blink*

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I can't believe this place is even still here. Clicked on the link because I have insomnia and for some reason the link is still in my bookmarks from years ago.

I'm living in the DC area these days. Divorced and working as a graphic artist. Mostly things are going well. I actually broke the video game addiction a few years ago. Haven't logged into any games in over two years. I assume my WoW character is still sitting around somewhere.

Good to see some of you still exist.
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I still look in on here every now and then. Mostly to kill the spambots.
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Man that just rolls off the tongue nicely.

Originally Posted by Karthanon View Post
I know, you're in Ottawa, Davek. Still, I can't help but /poke you.
Originally Posted by Drysdale View Post
And you wonder why I don't play nice with you? You leave my man buttons alone.. Those are Davek's.
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Hi douchebags! Still crackin skulls here almost 20 years in Law Enforcement. I am a school resource officer now. Been doing that for three years. Absolutely love it. Other than still married both of our girls are still growing like weeds one will be a freshman and the other 6th grade. Hope all is well.
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That reminds me of someone eating a shit sandwich who is happy that it has 20% less shit.
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I was always more of a lurker, but I commented here and there.

I'm working as a Senior Software Engineer in Charlotte, NC... uh... I'm not currently playing any MMOs but I did play WoW for a while. My fiance plays Pokemon Go, does that count as an MMO?

I miss the crazy political discussions here, I check every once in a while...
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But Chuck saw through his clever disguise
And he crushed Batman's head in between his thighs"
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