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Default Trump is certifiably Insane

Having viewed Rachel Maddow on msnbc, having checked his background history, seen his public conduct, viewed a lot of coverage on the revelatatory developments from Manafort's trial, Cohen's guilty plea, the National Enquirer catch 'n kill story, the Fake News, the Witch Hunt, the Sessions Recusal thing, the McCabe(?) firing 24 hr before retirement and losing the pension, McCain's death, the RICO Act primae facie case evidence (as presented by documented dealing with foreign entities), the Emoluments Act bearing on his daughter's business interests, and a shit ton of documented abuse of privilege/office/power/influence in efforts to get classified evidence inside the Mueller inquiry...

You cannot get a straight answer out the guy. His language is a word salad. He is 'impressionistic' at best. He has lied, he has distorted the 'truth', he habitually twists his own story, he is delusional: Donald Trump is certifiably insane. Sad.

I think he could be 'excused' from his office, under your US Constitution, if a medical assessment found him functionally unwell, and not capable of conducting his office in a fit state of mind. Sad. But its an opinion, I'm not a medical professional, from the point of view of public comment he doesn't look good.

I had a feeling Trump would become next US President, after Obama. But I had no idea what he was really like; like terrorist chatter spiking on the internet, before a suicide attack, his presence just kept rising up in the mass media. I might have followed my hunch and searched the net, dug out more to inform an opinion, maybe offer fair warning, perhaps spare somebody from the degradation knowing this guy was off. You deserved that, if you didn't know what he was like already. Its like I am the only person who didn't see him as he was. Then he has turned out to be this way, instead, now I worry for us all. It is sad watching the running story. Very sad.

Nobody will be thrilled to see this awful PotUS publicly degenerate into the train wreck that he has become. Very Sad. A syndicate boss, nothing less. What a piece of work.

I believe he will be removed from office.
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"Fair enough. I don't agree with anyone all the time."
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"*blink* *blink* *blink*
*bliiiink* *bliiiink* *bliiiink*
*blink* *blink* *blink*

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