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Default Cops Murdering Un-armed Children

Yes, that title was a troll.

What are your takes on what happened and what is continuing to happen in Missouri?
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I'm sick of how it's always seen as racism if a person is shot by someone with a different skin color, and how people use it as an excuse to break more laws as if they suddenly have a moral excuse/imperative to do so. Even worse, regardless of the verdict in these cases, there are always people who stick to their opposing beliefs and continue antisocial behavior, even when they have said before a trial that they will believe a court's decision.
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I'm curious how many folks recognized the media's zimmermanization of the story from start. Just listen to the Economist's podcast on it, and the "unarmed Michael Brown" was emphasized, with no mention of how a man with no arms managed to rather effectively strangle convience store clerks and smash eyesockets. But facts tend to be nasty, racist things and best avoided by the more sophisticated. Rather, we should simply acknowledge that this unarmed child died for our sins, and atone.

I'm also curious how Nixon and Obama (now there are two names meant to be joined at the hip) are just now realizing they've been signing bills to authorize police forces to acquire tanks, heavy weapony, and other such "militarization". They are shocked, shocked I tell you, to find that the police forces have done what they were told they could do, and they were never consulted or informed when they approved those items. Just because they did something doesn't mean they know they did it, and it's rather rude of the public to question their subsequent disapproval of their prior approvals.

But, at the same time, I really think the Ferguson police screwed up, and screwed up big. All the big cities have realized that actual "law enforcement" at the poverty level is pointless. Let them kill each other, loot the stores, firebomb the pizza kitchens, and walk in the street. These aren't really "crimes" - or, rather, they're not profitable to enforce. Municipalities like that are barely getting by as it is, and dragging the police force into actually enforcing the law is a risk with no rewards. There's also the problem that when "peaceful rioting" does break out, the government's left sitting in their tanks and behind shields watching rather helplessly as the stores get looted and burned down, and while they can reassure themselves "well, at least there are no crimes being committed, and as firebombings go this one is rather peaceful", it does make them look rather ... impotent. And that's the problem - the municipalities spend all the money on the tanks to look important, not impotent. It's rookie mistakes like that which made the 3rd Century known as the "Crisis of the 3rd Century".

Having Holder show up to cheer the firebombers on (and point out he was a victim of racial profiling too - but luckily back then police respected unarmed children, and if an unarmed child smashed their face in they had the professionalism to just take on the chin (or eye) and not get all upset and trigger-happy about it) just makes it worse. Cops should know that the only crime is self-defense, and that not even they are above the crime (worrying about being above the law is definitely not something a Constitutional scholar would be concerned about - for the law is what the President says it is, and not what any mere pieces of paper can capture).

I'm a bit curious to see if the grand jury has the balls to dismiss this out of hand or (more sensably) toss it to a jury (poor bastards are going to get stuck with facts and hence all covered in sh*t for the rest of their lives). But don't worry - if it doesn't work, the unarmed Michael Brown will be avenged by federal civil right charges - of which I don't expect to hear anything of on this or the unarmed child Trayvon Martin until January 20, 2017, when Holder & Obama leave a steaming pile of facts on Hillary's desk to welcome her back home.
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The press got a lot of money out of the Zimmerman trial... Of course they're running with this.

Of course, knowing what we know now, the Ferguson police have also come out as less than stellar.
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