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Default I hate

I don't know what software I am downloading which keeps giving me these problems, but I am getting these idiotic popups. I downloaded the uninstaller off a website, other than once, but i have long since deleted the software. There is a link at that gives you directions how to delete it, but when i download the uninstaller, it gives an an error.

This is really pissing me off and i have to vent my frustration with a few cold ones. Help me out guys! I am not looking for adaware shit, i just need the software to uninstall it.
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Kulani Autumnwood
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So basically what I'm getting is that rather than download something free and simple that works from a location you're obviously aware of, you'd rather download an "uninstaller" for one specific application which was downloaded and installed without your consent.

What makes you think that a company unethical enough to "advertise" in such a manner would have produced an uninstaller in the first place? Chances are any uninstaller you might attempt to run will instead install additional adware/spyware.
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Pfft doesnt everyone else download whatever songs they want off newsgroups by using Outlook Express?
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Camien Ta`Mire
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Kinda funny, but when I ran adaware SE, it found a bunch of shit (including registry keys and 1 registry value) from Weird...
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