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Default Random comp shutdown: no error message

This is annoying me, will be playing an online game: MoHAA (1/2/3), EQ, Shattered Galaxy. Suddenly the computer just shuts down. Re-starting my comp it does a disk check and then boots up the desktop, there's no blue screen of death, no error report or message box of any kind the comp just wimps out. WTF?

System specs: 512Mb 440MHz fast ram, 512Mb old ram (total 1Gb ram), Gigabyte GA-8SG800 533MHz FSB mobo, p4 2.4GHz cpu (non Celeron), Gainward GeForce4 4200 Ti @128Mb ram graphics card (4x AGP), Creative Live (value) sound card, xDSL usb+ethernet modem (512down, 128 up), Supermicro Tower case 2 frontside fans, fan on cpu, fan on graphics card, fan on power supply, 1 exhaust fan and p/s exhaust, fan on i/o chip 400W p/s. DirectX 9c and 66.77 NVidia driver. Monitor is same old NEC XP17 Multisync running at 70Hz per 1024 x 768 rez and the blend option of graphics and performance in NVidia display settings.

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Could be a compatibility issue with your RAM. There is a nice tool out there that you can use to test called "memtes86".

I recommend creating a bootable floppy ir CD using that program, and check your memory. Memory issues will not always present a blue screen.

Just a suggestion
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I had this same problem not too long ago. What fixed it for me was to update video drivers and DirectX.

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Good Luck.

Best thing to do is try and remember what you did shortly before it started happening.

I've seen these symptoms ranging from P/S units failing, fans failing, overheating, apps not loaded correctly, drivers not up to date, and hell, even an MSN Messenger version (I still have an XP box that will NOT run MSN messenger of any version, unless I want to watch it reboot every ten minutes or so.. and I have no idea why).... have all caused the same thing you describe.. variable shutdowns and reboots.

And the worst was they all seemed to be intermittent. Following no rhyme or reason. (however the fans one wasnt too bad, when all of a sudden things got quiet)

again, good luck on the issue.
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I'd say check your memory, run spyware catcher, and anti virus are the cheapest and easier means to catch it.

My off hand guess would be the RAM not being compatiable b/c one is not backwards compatiable or you have them in backwards to work together (some boards the slower has to be in slot 1 or it screws up) other than that it could be anything as was already said.
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Well, here's the finding so far: 8 cases of PIF32 virus (think that's what it is called) and the Alexa cookie. Just about everything comms related was dosed with this virus.

One tired fan has either carked or the fluff on all the case fans I cleaned away has let it spin into life again, in any case it is silent. From my inability to find teh culprit I conclude this is the P/S exhaust fan. Guess I have to pull that out and take it to my vendor for a re-fit.
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