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Default Bush schools Matt Laur

Yeah... Bush is an idiot...
MATT LAUER: There's a heated debate, right now over whether we should continue in this country with your tax policies. They call them the Bush tax cuts. Give me your best argument for continuing those tax cuts.
GEORGE W. BUSH: Well first of all, you know, it's too bad they call them the Bush tax cuts, they might have a better chance of being extended if they were the Lauer tax cuts.
LAUER: Probably not gonna happen.
BUSH: Here's, here's the deal. Most new jobs are created by small businesses. Many small businesses pay tax at the individual income tax level because of how the are organized. For example, sub chapter S corporations or limited partnerships. Therefore, if you raise the top rate you're taxing job creators.
LAUER: But we've been living under that system for seven years now and we've seen incredibly slow growth in jobs. So why should we continue down that path?
BUSH: I don't accept that premise. For 53 or nearly 53 weeks we had consecutive job growth. The longest period in, one of the longest periods in economic history. You gotta remember, let me put this, put this in perspective. I come to office, there is a dotcom bubble burst. Then 9/11 comes and the country is in severe economic hardship. The tax cuts, in my judgment, stimulated an economic vitality and a lot of jobs were created. Now the question is, how do we create them? And part of the debate is should government try to create the jobs or should the private sector try to create the jobs. My argument is keeping taxes low will encourage the private sector to create jobs.
Video at link
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"Thou shalt not steal. Except by majority vote." - Gary North
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While I don't know if I'd put it on my reading list, it seems like 'Decision Points' is a pretty effective defense/claim of the "Bush legacy". The excerts I've seen come across as thoughtful, well-argued, honest, and especially: decent. Most memoirs wind up as snipefests - stiking out at those who got in the way or stabbed you in the back or kicking them when their down, but Bush seems to have gone out of his way to treat his opponents with courtesy. Even the parts about McCain (which got some headlines) seem more like "Well, Bush is just telling it like it was" rather than taking pot shots at him for failing.

It'll be interesting to see if Obama can do as well once he gets his ex-Presidency (hopefully in 2012).
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