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Default Just for kicks

Never been on one, and I think im the right level, and nobody has posted yet, so I want to do a Vox Raid. I, of course, will not be the one planning it, as I'm not very experienced in raids. Still, though, I want to go on one to see what they are like. That being said, couple of quick questions.

1. What's Vox's spawn time? Heard it was 1 week, but never confirmed.

2. Is 47 too low for an Ogre Warrior to go there?

3. Are Vox raids usually pickup raids or usually Guild Planned events?

Anyone who would like to go, please post here. Also, anyone who wished to volunteer to lead the raid and organize it please post as well. First one to post, I think, should get that honor. Also, whomever gets to lead, please contact me in-game, my main atm is Thugok, also can be reached at Worlaan, or sometimes Zikshail. Thanks a lot!
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Get 48 and check the post marked Vox 2/1.
I lead them and my lvl requirement is 48 but I will be more then happy to show you the ropes. Just post accordingly
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You get Smok to lead and I'm there. Went on the 24th raid and it was very well executed. Great job Smoke!

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