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Crishan Crackan
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Default Vsr

As per the current VS spawn and rotation I understand that OoT has basically tonight to kill him.
IF they succeed that means VSR will be up tomorrow.
IF they do not, the attempt passes to next guild in rotation meaning another possible day until VSR is up.
This means.....
The Norrathian Brotherhood will be taking down VSR either Friday or Sat. We ask that all other guilds, pickup grps, etc., respect this.
We realize that no one is under any obligation to do so but when you treat others with respect they generally treat you the same.
Crishan Crackan
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I ask that no one logs in to EQ for the next 3 hours, as I am running around the bazaar and don't want it to be lagged, please treat me with respect, as I would you

asking someone not to do something is weak, letting the population of emarr know your doing something is fine, but don't ask them not to do it, just because you are
Zarney Karney <Retired>
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If your torn from something unjustly... something that you loved, and gave your heart to.... then what is left ?? ~ Zarney
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