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uhhhh i dont know what to say about the "poor sap" comment but ty for stickin up for me =) not sure if i can ever muster up enough friends to get him soon as he spawns especially if its after a patch......... i usually log on in mornings myself though (friend and guild list empty), send Babidee a tell (my wiz) or kukulaz (my solo project BST and casino) or Starrburst (my mule), and ill be glad to uhhhh help anyone that takin him down and earn my staff..... everytime, and btw i have a cousin on another server and friends on 2 other servers who dont even have a VS rotation.....(still trak though) seems to me like theres jus alot of greedy pharmers out ther on our "established and respected" server..... no wonder my cousin i said if anyone wants to help me earn my staff those are 3 char i play curently and feel free to /tell me as i lost a lot of respect for the guilds on this "rotaton"...... not a rebellion mind you i have no more need for VS once i get my staff so yall can go back to your pathetic pharming spree and pharm kunark legs to by the sh*t that i am looting in the planes on a daily basis...... i dont care about any of you anymore except those lasts few posts who inspired me and stuck up for me ..... thank you
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