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Lightbulb Calling smaller guilds

Heart of Fenris is one of the oldest and smallest guilds on the E Marr server. We operate mostly in the Asia / Australia / New Zealand time zone. We are a high 50's guild, but a lack of numbers makes it difficult to take down bigger mobs.

I'm sure that there are many guilds on the server like ours who would like to broaden their EQ experience. In the past, it was difficult, due to sub-standard communication channels, to run a "pick up" raid. The advent of chat channels made that a tad easier, and now, with the introduction of the raid function with the realease of PoP, putting together a raid has been made easier still.

What I would like to propose is for smaller guilds to link up with each other's web-sites, in order to increase the base of like-minded players who are in the same predicament as we are. Our commitment will be to keep each other up to date with planned raids through postings on each other's web sites.

If you are interested, you can find our web site here.

Xiaoshan Laughingfist
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Hearts of Fenris
E. Marr
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Evening Xiaoshan... or more to the point I hope ur lunch break is going well...

Prehaps this not what you are looking for but prehaps it is something...
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Thank you. I will check it out.
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Send a message via ICQ to Rorinthas
I'm most certainly interested in this as the new leader of Sentries of Faith. I'm in the progress of learning the ropes of Leadership and redoing the guild's web based resources so I don't have a viable link for you at this time. Most of our playing members right now are in the 30-45 Range, but we would skill be glad to help where we can. For further information contact me in game or via icq #3145651

Rorinthas Silverton
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Default Smaller guilds

Our guild is always on the lookout to help others. We've a very small guild, with only about 8-10 of us in the 50+ range, although we do have 2 lvl 60 Chanters with KEI . All told I think there's around 35 of us, ranging from lvl 20 up.

Guild Web Page -

Guild Message Board
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