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Default A final salute to Qarxu (Q) / Alex S

Back in the days of Planes of Power & Morell-Thule / Reviction, I had the good fortune to meet Qarxu (better known as 'Q'), a wizard and all around good player. I had the even better fortune to meet him and his wife in real life - they lived in the Houston area. My wife and I loved going to their Christmas parties each year - they were wonderful hosts, their house had amazing decorations & well-loved pets, lots of wine & scotch & cigars, and they made everyone feel welcome. It was truly a crazy mix at the parties - Army folks that worked Alex (and the military has a hell of a lot of really sharp, well-rounded & well-traveled folks in it), ballroom dancers, and my wife always managed to find a lot of equestrians to chat about horses with. Alex had a knack for making friends - he had a great personality, a true-Aggie/Texan-spirit, and always an interesting story to tell, whether it be about how he got a martini named 'Q', after him, in a Dallas bar or his last cruise to Europe or someone he knew in high school. He was an Army Ranger who served in Iraq, Korea and Germany. And above all, he was a hell of a good guy.

Unfortunately, he passed away on Sept 13 at the young age of 48, just a couple of months after retiring from the army. I believe he suffered an aneurysm, but I don't know the medical details (other than it was very sudden and unexpected - I guess an important lesson to never take life for granted). Our nation lost a great warrior, and many lost a great friend.
/salute Q
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This is really sad to hear. I also had the joy of meeting Qarxu as he came to a fan faire when it was in Chicago.

Too young. May his spirit sour and his family/friends find some peace.
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I stop by these forums every once in a blue moon and was very sad and shocked to see this. Q was one of the great ones, I can remember many a fun time over the years thanks to his in-game companionship and great sense of humor. /salute to Q
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Idk how i just now seen this but i am really sad to see it. Grouped with him a number of times over the years. Was always a fun time especially when i played my warrior and he would nuke mobs to hell lol
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