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Default PoJ Trials with a 59 cleric

The ability of a 59 cleric to cut it probably would depend on other factors, like the level and AA loadout of the main tank and (to a lesser degree) the presence or absence of a crowd controller.

For a 65 cleric with a decent, high-level tank, Supernal Elixir will pretty much keep the tank up and happy for the waves and the cleric may even have time and mana to nuke. Fast heal top ups can be thrown in without putting too much pressure on the mana pool. At 59, the approach would need to be different.

Using CH throughout is a viable option for a 59. If the MT is rock solid, mana should not be an issue. A 59 could certainly do it if the MT could avoid taking too much damage, IMHO.

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Spent seven hours Sunday in PoJ pushing unflagged folks through the trials. Our core group was a 65 SK (MA-120 someodd AAs), 65 cleric (80 someodd AAs), 65 magician (98 AAs). Every other spot was a push spot. Crowd control is nice, but not an absolute necessity if you have a beafy tank and a healer with a good mana pool. We didn't slow (might have slowed a few, but it was optional) anything except the Prime Executioner. The 60ish point DS on the SK accounted for a lot of DPS since the mobs were unslowed. And the 45 point DS on everyone else helped as well.

Our lowest DPS group we succeeded with was the SK, cleric, magician, sub-60 enchanter, sub-60 druid, sub-60 ranger. It was a close win, but the exe still went down.

The point of this post is to say: The key to a successful trial run is to have a strong aggro grabbing MA, solid healer, and a solid DPS class (sustained DPS). The exe trial can be won with as few as four people, provided they're the right people.
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We also had an several enchanters ranging from 57-62 as a 4th in our push group. Luckily we had several enchies that needed flags, so were able to flag up to 3 at a time.

With a good aggro holding tank, and some crowd control, I never dropped under 50m on a trial. That includes nuking once per mob.

For the final win, we switched out the 65 cleric, and used a 62 druid for heals so I could push my Bst through. It still went off smoothly.

DPS > All in the trials.
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When I beat Exe, highest level member of the group was 61 I think. Exe is not the easiest trial, though.
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