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Default New terror cells in Spain

So much for appeasement.

MADRID (AP) — Police on Wednesday arrested three Moroccans they believe were part of a radical Islamic cell looking to buy explosives in a central European country for a terrorist attack in Spain, the Interior Ministry said.

Majid Bakkali, Mohamed Douha and Abdelkader Farhaoui were arrested in the northeastern towns of Sant Andreu de la Barca and Mollet de Valles before dawn, the ministry said in a statement.

The three were part of a cell “that was engaged in different activities leading to the purchase of explosives, with the aim of committing terrorist attacks in our country,” the ministry said.

The arrests came within hours of Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero’s announcement that, as of midnight Wednesday, Spain would activate a special security plan to cover the Christmas holiday period to try to protect the country from a terrorist attack. The plan lasts through Jan. 8.
I guess Spain is going to find out the not so fun way that when a terrorist attacks you, giving into their demands doesnt work.
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There are terrorist cells in the UK I would wager and in other countries all over the world (including the USA), most probably. They will base themselves where-ever they are able to, pure and simple; regardless of the host government 'giving in' to their 'demands', as you put it.

The Spanish didn't pull their troops out of Iraq to placate the terrorists; so why try to spin it that way?
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Originally Posted by Xanthaar
The Spanish didn't pull their troops out of Iraq to placate the terrorists; so why try to spin it that way?
Because he's a con. He can't help himself
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