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Default Is Stormhammer for You?

Science of War, of the Stormhammer Server, wants YOU!

About Science of War: We are an Elementally Flagged guild of the Stormhammer Server. We are a competant crew that is looking for people who enjoy a good challenge and thrive on tactical advantage. Our motto has always been to do more with less. We raid from 8pm until 12am EST (Thats 4 hours) only 5 nights a week. The majority of our guild members are working individuals who thrive on finding a balance between real life activities and ingame advancement.

Reflagging: We will be starting a Reflagging drive at the beginning of October. The Stormhammer Server now has a Calendar System in place for Elemental Gods, Now is your chance to see the Plane of Time and work thru the process to get there with a team of dedicated and intelligent individuals.

For more information: Please visit . Feel free to send a cross server ;tell to anyone in the guild for more information.
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I have a level 14 Frankenstein who might be interested. He has all of his gear except a belt and earrings.

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and it only costs you $40 a month!
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You should really post that Vova has left if you want to try and improve your chances of getting people.
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Punkture De'Vries
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As someone on the TZ forum said...


this guy has gone to several of the server boards i post at.

my general idea is that this guild is of the same caliber as the ones that recruit through /shout and /ooc, where more often than not, you're better off not joining.
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More than likely they are an uber guild that has hit the barrier that put so many other uber guilds at a stand still as well.

The Rathe has put up a brick wall in front of many uber guilds simply because they lack a zerg force, despite the fact that they are a well honed force. Science of War may not have the people to overcome The Rathe, and much like Magister they have to recruit heavily for a bit to compensate.

The only real difference here is that they play on legends which costs more than most people are willing to they have a very limited pool of potential recruits and must actively seek out people from other servers.

I'm not certain this is the case, but it sure seems likely to me.
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Wasn't Science of War that guild who posted on every class board for people to join their guild?
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