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Banez Wight
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This is a pretty old thread but I honestly haven't been active with anything online or with gaming in the last two years. I dabbled in wow when I was dating this girl I hated. She would come over and I'd log into wow and play for hours while she sat there and complained. It was pretty much awesome. Funny thing was, she never got the picture...she sucked.

Anyway, I've been playing since 99. It's been quite a few years now with so many different characters and accounts. I was on emarr within the first couple months it opened. I was staying at home with my son, I was 21, he was zero. I played EQ while he napped, over a dial-up connection in some small town.

So many years went by. I got married to a woman in I had been dating for a few years in 2004. She was really great for my son but never really good for me. Oddly enough we got along GREAT when I spent a majority of my free time playing EQ. I changed shifts at work to be on her schedule and quit EQ and we got divorced within a year of spending all our time together (this was 2 years ago).

Had the time of my life going out and going to concerts or whatever intrigued me at the time over the last couple of years and then I met someone pretty great. We live together now and have adopted two puppies recently. She has some homework nights so I sneak in a little gaming now and again.

It's really hard to encompass the changes, losses, gains, different jobs, and all the crazy things that life throws at a person in one summary but here I am...still happy and enjoying my life. I still have the passion for this game that sucked me in back in 99.

Playing on off and on these days, enough to satisfy my nostalgia and keep me coming back for more. This thread was an excellent read, I recognized a lot of names from the server that I met over the years. Thanks for posting.
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