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Default ErollisiMarr.Com Website Changes

As you can see, I've finally updated the website. I needed an excuse to get to it and the EverQuest's 10th Anniversary seemed like a good enough reason to. I hope you all like the changes. It was time to get rid of the default look and the forever Under Construction homepage.

- New Layout
It's not really that new. It's based on the old layout which I made 5 years ago for this website which is still being used at The new logo is pretty much the old one but refurbished. The background... I have no idea what it is, but is from a EverQuest screenshot. I've tested the site with IE6, IE7 and FF. Let me know if there are issues with the browser you use.

- Updated Software
The forum version has been updated to the latest version. Hopefully this will cut down the spam some and you should find some new features such as the user profile, Social Groups and Albums.

- Homepage
The homepage is finally back. No new neat features yet but the EverQuest related links, such as class links, are back and hopefully we'll get some people to post news. It has always been possible for everyone to post news here. It's moderated to keep spam out but once it's validated by one of the moderators then the news item will show up on the homepage. Raiding guilds are more than welcome to post their archievements, boss kills and such, and roleplay guilds (if they still exist) may post news about their upcoming events.

- Advertisements
We have tried it but there is no way to block all plat selling advertisers (since the blacklist can only hold 200 advertisers). I found the leaderboard ad under the nav bar with one huge plat advertiser a bit too intrusive. I've decided to split it up in 2 (small) banners instead so hopefully the ads won't be as 'in-your-face' as the old leaderboard ad used to be. The leaderboard at the bottom has been removed in most pages or replaced with tiny link ads. I hope it will suffice. No ads will be displayed in "Fallen Heroes: In Memoriam" (credits for the name goes to the Magister forum).

- User Profile Fields
I've finally gotten rid of all custom User Profile Fields (primary character and such) because the data seemed to have disappeared and people were reporting problems with entering new data. I've now added 5 fields in which you can enter the characterId of your PlayerEQ profile (the 12 digits code which you can find in the URL). Maybe someday in the future the website can crawl to EQPlayers, grab the data (character name, level and such) and automatically update your profile (and link to Magelo when a profile exists there) but I'd need help with that from someone with some php knowledge.

- Social Groups and Albums
It is now possible to upload images to this website and share them.
Please read the following threads for more information:
1) Erollisi Marr Anniversary Screenshots
2) Show us YOUR mug!

- Todo
1) Need to make a new guild links list. Would be sweet to combine it with the user profile fields and make the crawler grab all the names of the Erollisi Marr guilds so we'd just need to manually enter the URLs.
2) I might turn on the newsgroup gateway again once the mod is updated.
3) Looking for suggestions. What would you like to see added?
Ogmuk <Da`Kor>

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