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Exclamation Erollisi Marr Anniversary Screenshots

It's now possible for everyone to upload images to albums and share these images with the rest of the world. I'll explain step-by-step how to get this done:
  1. Click on "Community" in the Navigation Bar right above this thread (above the advertisement), then click on "Pictures & Albums" from the drop down menu.
  2. Click on "Add Album" at the left bottom corner.
  3. Give your album an appropriate name & description. You may make it either Public or Private (if private, then you'll still be able to publicize pictures but only those you wish to share).
  4. Click on "Upload Pictures" in the left top/bottom corners.
  5. After you've uploaded them, click on "Add Pictures to a Group" at the center bottom.
  6. Mark the images with your screenshots (upper left corner), then at "Add selected pictures to:" select either "Screenshots of Erollisi Marr" or "Screenshots of Morell-Thule" and click on "Add Pictures".

  7. Either in the description of the picture or by replying to the picture, please add tags with names of those involved. The names of the characters (first and last name), all the guild names, etc. That way it's easier for people to find screenshots with themselves in it. You may also respond to pictures of someone else to add these tags. You can find an example here. It doesn't need to be as elaborate as mine. Just the ones you can read or remember is good enough.
Here an example of a picture indexed by Yahoo:

That's all! I've turned off [img] because there still isn't a good way to dynamically resize pictures when they are too large. So you may post URLs to your images here and you're able to respond to shared images inside the Social Groups as well.

Remember that they need to be made before Kunark. I may add a Social Group later on for screenshots post Kunark. I've already shared a bunch of old screenshots:
Ogmuk <Da`Kor>

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