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Default What has changed for you, IRL?

It has been 10 years now since Erollisi Marr was launched and I'm sure a lot has changed in everyone's life. Did you get married? Are you a parent now? Still playing EverQuest or are you addicted to another game now? You guys don't seem to mind posting such info on your Facebook and blogs so share your personal information with the rest of us!
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Default I guess I'll start!

I'll keep it short since I got a bunch of other stuff to write, such as the new homepage but surprisingly not a whole lot changed for me. No kids, not married and I'm still in school... I was in college when I played EQ (started playing EQ in 1998, early beta), worked a few years for an IT company, got hooked on WoW (even though it's a horrible game, but many in our guild seem to like it and it was time for us to try something new) and now I'm back in school to get my bachelor's degree.

Who's next?
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Well not a whole lot changed for me while I was playing. I do credit EQ for helping me get out of gangs and off the streets, which is something! The most noteable change happened recently once I stopped playing EQ -- I have time for a social life in the real world lol....... imagine that
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I had two kids with my wife, bought a townhouse and moved from the pacific coast to the San Gabriel Valley (in other words went from comfortable summers to blazing hot summers). I still work at the same place I have for the last 21 years (yay for pensions), and have probably gone through 3 cars.

Gamewise, I pretty much only play D&D these days, of various editions, and in fact I run the local meetup:

Come on out and visit if you are in the area. I really have found that I can get the same comradere out of a good D&D game as I could in a EQ raid, plus all the banter at the tabletop. If you haven't played tabletop D&D in a while, it's newest edition is a pretty easy fit for someone used to MMORPG type games.

I tried WoW and disliked it after a few months... see my other thread on this and more stuff.

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Still playing EQ, though less often now (no more weekends, only raiding-only 15 hours now instead of the 20-40 I used to).

Hubby started in 2000, I started in 2001 and since we started (husband and I), the most recent changes are we both had gotten our MBA's, he switched careers (is a teacher now) and last summer we bought our first home. The biggest news is we're getting our first golden retriever puppy (female) in about 5-6 weeks (we pick her up mid June), and we're excited and can't wait.

The house, preparation for the dog, job stuff and just age has slowed down a smidge of the EQ bug. Not enough time in the day to do everything and family/home comes first.
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A few changes here and there for me. I'm not in EQ anymore though I do dable a bit in EQ2 when I have time.

Not married though still with the same girlfriend for over 10 years. No kids. Moved to Tucson, Arizona and stayed out there for 4 years, then moved back too Illinois.

I think when I last posted here I was unemployed and had too much time on my hands. These days, I do color restoration for the Marvel Masterworks books and have almost no time on my hands. More or less using the coloring knowledge that I learned from doing sigs .

Don't get to draw nearly as much now though :/
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Default Real life uses real time!

That took a lot of adjusting too, in and of itself!

Since I stopped playing, I think it was late in 2004, I have gotten more sleep! I've changed jobs, changed boyfriends, changed places to live, but still in So Cal. I am working on finishing my Bachelors degree, and looking for a new frog to enchant. I miss the good old days of EQ, all the magic and new friendships which went with it. I lost track of quite a few of those people, and it is great to see familiar names and the faces that go along with some of them.

Great idea, Oggie, thanks!
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Hi Raelven. I'm glad I send out that batch of spam! Nice to see people return and say hi. By the way, if you want your uploaded images to show up, you can post them to the appropriate Social Group. But you can also keep them just in your album, they'll just be a little more difficult for people to find.
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Looks like a few of us took the same U-turn after EQ. I was in college when I started, dropped for a full time IT job for roughly 10 years, and am now back in college to finish a BS.
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Default What has changed for you, IRL?

A lot has changed for me since I began playing EQ. I was armoring up and fighting for real with the SCA. The other household members, including my son, were determined that I play EQ with them too. They bought me the game, then got tired of trying to get my poor shaman from Everfrost through Blackburrow to Qeynos alive. After several lost corpses and equipment (we didn't know necros could summon, and EQ had just changed so they couldn't loot out my stuff and bring it back) they twinked me out in a full set of banded and said, "Have fun!

Not long after that I was in a car accident that eventually led to being on disability. EQ became a social life and therapy. Some of the health problems I have create depression, and EQ was so effective at helping me deal with it the therapist wrote out a perscription to give to my family or whoever else needed to see it to make sure I did play! Most moms would relate to the need to have something that you accomplished during the day still be accomplished when you got up the next day. Maybe the experience drops but that AA and the equipment (at least now) remains.

Over the years since then two grandchildren have sat on my lap and made my enchanter and other characters run, jump and dance, and one of them is still counting the years unti he gets to play it.
So many things have changed, but the friends that I have made through EQ have thoroughly enriched my life. I regularly keep in touch with a few that have left the game and had the opportunity to meet some of the others. There have also been a few surprises to find that people I have known outside EQ had been playing alongside me for years!

I'm now able to go to SCA events again on a limited basis, so I'm not always around on weekends any more, but even the people who quit want to know what is happening, what's new, who is still there and to pass along their greetings. I play a couple of other on-line games now, and thoroughly enjoy annoying WoW players of my aquaintance, especially once I figured out that the reason that most of them are playing is not that "everyone plays WoW" but that most of them can't play without a game controller!

Come on, SoE, build a game controller interface and let's make it another great ten years!
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Default life after eq...

It's been about 4 years now since I left eq. I'm still best friends with Sylva, who is one of the most amazing people I've ever had the honor and pleasure of knowing. I've gotten married, to a wonderful man who suits me perfectly in everyway. And I had a baby, A almost 2 year old now named Kathryn Renee (middle name after Sylva's RL middle name.) We all call her Kate. She's the best thing to ever happen to me!

So life for me has been pretty wonderful. You know typical ups and downs but mostly I've been blessed beyond what I deserve or expected. Hope all my friends are doing well, and their little ones too...


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