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Default didn't i see this in robocop?
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We were a little jealous of the Blackwater guys in Iraq - they have more permissive ROE than the rest of us.
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While I'm all for hired security, the government hiring them at outrageous prices is the WORST of both worlds!
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Default Bulldoze the bitch...

I dont think NO is worth the worry. There is plenty of places for people to take up lives. It is obvious New Orleans is lost. No point in causing more debt then nessasary. Take the $$ used to hire law enforcment and make jobs in places like Detroit Toledo and other cities with available housing. Give companies from NO tax breaks to move opperations there and incentives to companies allready there to hire more employee's... Problem is solved... There is nothing or next to nothing left in NO for people to go back to. Homes must be rebuilt screw that whole communities have to be rebuilt. Sell the land to the companies that want it at a premium to counter the cost on relocation. Just my 2 cents....

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Is the security company supposed to be OCP?
SOE Applicant: Here is my resume.
SOE Interviewer: It's half finished.
SOE Applicant: So are your products.
SOE Interviewer: You're hired.
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