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Default "Bet on Iraq" ad

Much as the political crap annoys me, I still read stories about the rabid politics addicts who do stupid shit. I was on a site with a story about that Democrat supporter who rushed the stage during the RNC when I noticed an ad on the side of the page.

Place a Bet on Iraq
The New Iraqi Dinar has been skyrocketing in the past several months. Yet it is still unbelievably affordable. The same amount that was once equal to over $82,000 can now be purchased for around $45. But, what happens when the oil really starts to flow?

OK, I see the logic behind investing in something so fucking cheap it's ridiculous, but skyrocketing? 18% in roughly two years (according to the website) and still less than 7% of a penny?

Meh. I'll see if some rich people I know want to toss some disposable income at it.
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